Cold. It is a fact of life for California divers. But dealing with it properly with a good fitting thick wetsuit or quality dry suit, and it becomes much less of an issue. Underwater thermal protection, however, is not where it ends. Far too many divers sit on dive boats shivering, unwilling to go in for another dive because they ignored one very simple warmth-sapping factor—evaporation. If you are wet, or even just damp, and there is even just a breeze blowing, you will become chilled very quickly. You need a good jacket—not just any kind of jacket, but the right jacket, specifically designed for divers.

The Boat Coat by Divegear is just that kind of jacket. The boat coat has just the right combination of features perfect for the California diver.
Base of the jacket is a wind and spray stopping outer nylon shell. While it does its weather barrier work well, the shell is surprisingly soft and supple, moving with the body.

Lining the jacket is an ultra-soft and warm micro-fleece that feels excellent against bare skin. Some smart divers prefer to pull oversized jackets on over wetsuits and dry suits. The micro-fleece on this jacket makes this easy. If you plan on wearing the jacket over your thermal protection, get a jacket one or two sizes oversized.

Shearwater TERN

The Divegear Boat Coat has all the features you want to see in a dive parka. The jacket is knee length to keep your rear end warm and dry. A double ended zipper makes it easier to get at pants pockets and fly and to sit comfortably. Velcro closures at the wrists and a fleece lined hood with draw string keep chilly winds out of the jacket and head warm.

Other added features make this an excellent jacket. The pockets are fleece lined as well for warming chilled fingers. And the pockets have a velcro closure that will help secure loose items from slipping out and overboard. And finally, an inside pocket has been added perfect for keeping that cell phone or keys close at hand, yet dry.

The Divegear Boat Coat is available in blue or black and sizes from small to XXL (remember, get it big if you want to wear them over your wet or drysuit). For more information, visit online or call 949-553-1995.

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