Lobster Molting Images Found

In the March issue of California Diving News, the question was asked if anyone had footage or photos of a lobster molting. Mark of Vacaville, CA passed on this information: The ‘IMAX’ DVD Into the Deep shows the molting. I must say the first time I saw it, I found it unsettling. Kind of like a real life Aliens movie. But very interesting! Mark, Vacaville, CA

Angry Over Secret Site Revealed

Hey all: There was recently posted a dive site in your magazine by a ‘Mike Bear’ that showed explicit directions to what was an otherwise unknown destination to those of us that dive it locally. Not normally a big deal; everybody finds each other’s sites eventually. However, this site, visited enough, is going to destroy it within a couple of years if not less. His ‘self-importantness’ to be seen in a well-published mag has now taken more importance than actually protecting the reef. A few […]

Is There Wetsuit Recycling?

CDN, Do you know of a recycling center, preferably in the Bay area, that takes in old wetsuits and related neoprene itemsDave Murai Dave,Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to that question. Any readers, dive stores, or wetsuit manufacturers that have an answer to this question? Please email us at mail@cadivingnews.com. I do know that occasionally select dive stores will sometimes do “trade-in” sales where you can get credit toward a new wetsuit by trading in your old, but I don’t know what they […]

Is There Any Lobster Molting Videos or Stills?

CDN,Lobster Molting Footage Desired As always, I enjoy the Sheckler and Team publication.  Thanks, and keep ’em coming. For some time, I’ve had this burning desire to see a lobster go through the molting process.  I have to believe it would be fascinating to see a critter crawl out of its own shell—antennae, legs, and all!  So far, I’ve not found a video or still footage, so I’m an unfulfilled guy. Reading Bonnie Cardone’s recent article in CDN set me to thinking that maybe some […]

Agrees With Article

Hi Dale,Really enjoyed your article Diving is a Social Activity. This really sums it up for me. In 2000 I was certified. Before scuba diving I was into to saltwater fishing for many years. Since getting into scuba, I have not had a rod in my hands. You are right about all aspects of diving, it a real social activity. Thank you, for putting out such a great magazine. Best regards,Chett Lehrer

Marine Life Handling Questioned

CDN –I always enjoy and look forward to reading California Diving News, since it contains useful information and advice of interest on “our” type of diving on the West Coast. I also enjoy your photography and the articles of regional dive sites by yourself, Bruce Watkins and others. I’d like to point out, however, that on the cover of the December issue the diver appears to be inappropriately handling the sea star, and I’m a bit concerned of what this might convey to new divers. […]

Lobster Punch Card Not Required Until September

CDN:Before you all rush out to get your spiny lobster “punch card,” please note, according to the California Department of Fish & Game website, the requirement for a spiny lobster report card for all persons does not become effective until next season—September 27, 2008 to be exact. For more information, see www.dfg.ca.gov/licensing/fishing/fishdescrip.htmlMike Thorntonvia email Mike,Thank you for pointing out that important date. At the time of going to press with our January/February issue that specific information was not yet available on their website, only that […]

Agrees With Hunting Guest Editorial

I enjoyed your article on underwater hunting. The point well made is that everyone is entitled to explore and enjoy the ocean deep. It should also be noted that the fees from our fishing licenses are the greatest financial resource in helping to grow and maintain fish populations in the U.S. As you eloquently stated, we have a stewardship in maintaining the ocean and the right to hunt it for ourselves and future generations. Thanks,Guy Skinner: PresidentJBL International

Disagrees With Hunting Editorial

The only good speargun is broken speargun. If we as divers are to lead the way in ocean conservation and preservation, we need to quit killing fish, plain and simple. Fish are disappearing from our seas faster than ever. With this macho hunter mentality all dive sites will be stripped of fish in just a few more years, except perhaps from a few small preserves. The only “shooting” that should be taking place underwater is with cameras. Karl FredricksVista, CA

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