Winter diving in California can be the best. While storms punctuate the season with periods of unapproachable seas, the lulls in between are often pristine with dazzling clear water. That is why I dive year ’round and you should too.

But, alas, many of you do not. Often divers and skiers/snowboarders are the same animal. Those same animals often say the water is too cold to go winter diving. Yet they don’t think twice about triple layering to head into a blizzard to shosh the perfect powder. Hey, get a custom wetsuit or better yet, dry suit.

Be that as it may, business slows down in the winter. Consequently, for the first time, California Diving News has chosen to combine its January and February issues into one. We will be back with the March issue in late February. This will give us time to improve our web site as well as catch more of that fantastic winter diving! Stay warm but get wet! Yes, you can do both.