The TL-9 LED light is one of the latest editions to the popular Bigblue dive light series and is designed to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding technical divers. Using nine LEDs the TL-9 can blast out an impressive 1800 lumens, perfect for deep diving, wreck penetration, cave exploration or just putting a lot of quality light right where you need it underwater.

The tough aluminum alloy light head can be attached to a “Goodman Handle” for ease of use. The light head is constructed of nearly indestructible aluminum alloy with an anti-corrosive anodized coating. The front glass is tempered optical glass. The TL-9 has a depth rating of 100 meters.

The Bigblue TL-9 light head has a color temperature of 6500K with a 10° hot spot and a 70° periphery light beam. Burn time depends power level use and on battery canister chosen (also supplied by Bigblue). With the larger Bigblue “XL” battery canister (13.2-4.5) the light on high burn time is 2 hours, 3.4 hours output on the low power setting. The battery canister utilizes reliable Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

For more information on the Bigblue TL-9 LED light, canister, charger, and optional XL canister, visit the Bigblue web site at