Hey all:

There was recently posted a dive site in your magazine by a ‘Mike Bear’ that showed explicit directions to what was an otherwise unknown destination to those of us that dive it locally. Not normally a big deal; everybody finds each other’s sites eventually. However, this site, visited enough, is going to destroy it within a couple of years if not less.

His ‘self-importantness’ to be seen in a well-published mag has now taken more importance than actually protecting the reef. A few dropped anchors on this site are going to destroy it. This is what happened in the Caribbean about a decade ago; keep it up here and the purple corals, elephant ear sponges and whatnot will be gone.

Way to go, Mike; let’s see if we ever give you any more sites.

Erik Toews

Hi Erick,

While I see your concern I’d like to make a few points. First, this dive site is better known than you think but rarely dived because it is a very difficult advanced dive as Mike Bear pointed out. Second, also as Mike mentioned, just about the only way to dive here is by drift diving and not by anchoring. And finally, I’d like to share an adage an old-time diver shared with me long ago — “Part One: Never tell anyone about your secret dive spot. Part Two: There are no secret dive spots.”

Best Fishes
Dale Sheckler, Editor