World-renowned photographer Amos Nachoum (Big Animals Expeditions) has teamed up with Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet to provide unparalleled photographic expeditions worldwide. Big Animals Expeditions is an adventure company that prides itself on creating epic wildlife adventures for their participants. Every year the bold guests on the Big Animals Expeditions get up close and personal with the most exciting and rarest animals on the planet in order to capture the photographic memories of a lifetime.

The teaming of these industry leaders into a marketing partnership opens up a whole new avenue of thrilling wildlife adventures from around the world for guests to choose from.

California Diving News

According to CEO, Wayne Brown, “For over 25 years guests of the Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet have explored the best diving locations in the world. With this new partnership we can expand the exploration opportunities even more and offer truly unique adventures that meet the same expectations for guest experiences and service that they come to expect from us.”  To accommodate this new venture, the two fleets have expanded their reservation staff and have a dedicated agent for the Big Animals trips.

To book your exclusive expedition, contact the Big Animals Expedition expert Lisa Stierwalt at (706) 993-2534 or email

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