The California State Assembly has approved the passage of AB 634, helping to lay the groundwork for artificial reefing on the state’s coastline.

The bill passed without a single negative vote, announced California Ships to Reefs, sponsor of the bill. It is now in the State Senate, where it will be assigned to a committee for hearing. AB 634 protects state and local agencies from liability in the event of diving accidents that occur on artificial reefs controlled by state agencies. It provides the protection governmental agencies need to go forward with these projects.

“The Assembly’s passage of AB 634 on a 71 to 0 vote tremendously affirmed the hard work our organization and its supporters did to help create this measure and explain its mission,” said Joel Geldin, CSTR’s Chairman and CEO. “It’s an indication our legislators understand how valuable artificial reefs will be to our state’s economy and the environment. We hope our supporters give their state senators the message that it’s time to get on board with this bill. We also want to thank Assemblywoman Diane Harkey (R-Dana Point), who authored it.”

California Ships to Reefs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation that works with agencies to create artificial reefs by sinking decommissioned military or retired commercial vessels in harbors, where they quickly become breeding grounds for new ocean life. The rejuvenated ocean environments attract divers, fishermen and other recreational opportunities, pumping additional income into local businesses. For more information, please contact Dean Rewerts, Vice President Reef Development at 530-906-6465.