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Walk into a dive store in Indiana and ask the person behind the counter about diving in Bonaire. Or about the Cayman Islands. They have been there, and can tell you anything that you want to know. Tell them that you are going on a business trip to California and would like to dive there — what can they tell you about it? Odds are, blank stares. California is an underwater treasure, unique in the diving world for it’s marine life, the number and sheer diversity of its diving locations, and its underwater beauty. California Diving News, […]

Shark Victory in Hawaii Needs to be Copied Worldwide

Something truly miraculous and revolutionary occurred this May, and for the most part it went by unnoticed. It has been crystal clear for some time that over-fishing has precipitated a sharp decline in marine life. While some legislation to manage sustainable fisheries has been enacted locally and internationally, the management of shark fisheries has been conspicuously neglected. Earlier this year Hawaiian State Senator Clayton Hee introduced and championed Senate Bill 2169 that made it illegal to possess, sell, or barter shark fins in Hawaii. The […]

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