Scuba Divers are social creatures who are passionate about life and eager to share their experiences with others. That’s why has expanded their free Diver Webpage community to make it easier for divers to connect online.

There are currently over 500 divers participating from 40 countries with close to 1,000 scuba diving photos and over 250 dive slate comments. The site continues to grow daily as new members join the online community and upload photos.

The new features recently launched include an easy-to-use search that allows divers to find each other based on location, country, interests, favorite dive gear, favorite dive locations, activities, music, books, TV, and movies. In addition, divers can find others who are looking for dive buddies, or those looking for love.

Free membership to the Diver Webpages allows anyone to create their own personalized webpage complete with photo uploads and info about themselves. Every member can choose a fun and easy to remember web page name. All this is quick and easy to setup, even for divers who don’t know anything about the web.

Everyone is encouraged to set up a free account before all the good names are taken. Anyone with a complete account can enter the Diver Webpage Contest for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate. is working hard to expand this online community even further. Features that will be added in the future include Facebook integration, maps, search by zip code, and a “friends” feature.

Whether you’re looking for a dive buddy, looking for love, or just interested in meeting others excited about scuba diving, the Diver Webpage community is an excellent place to go.