Harbor Products announces a successful debut to the diving community of their popular Rescue Tape. Already a highly talked about product amongst boaters, Rescue Tape is making rapid inroads into scuba with its self-fusing silicone tape that works even underwater.

“Rescue Tape® has been embraced by boaters in the United States, causing it to be one of the hottest selling products in the Marine Industry” says Ron Cordas, VP Sales for Harbor Products, Inc. “Everyone should have a few rolls in their toolbox or dive bag for emergencies and all-purpose repairs.

Rescue Tape® is a self-fusing silicone tape with no adhesive. When stretched and wrapped under tension, it instantly begins curing into one piece of silicone, creating an air-tight, water-tight seal that is resistant to oils, fuels, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt and UV rays. It takes just minutes or even seconds to permanently fuse together and never comes unraveled like other tapes do. It never gets gummy or sticky like electrical tape or duct tape, and resists temperatures up to 500° F (260C). It’s the strongest and quickest fusing silicone tape on the market, and refreshingly superior to rubber and vinyl tapes. Rescue Tape’s amazing fusion works in cold temperatures, while wet and even underwater.

Rescue Tape® boasts an impressive 700 PSI strength, so it easily repairs a radiator hose, heater hose, fuel line, wet exhaust hose, air hose, water line, or just about anything that you can wrap it around, and even works over wet, dirty or oily surfaces and even underwater. Rescue Tape® is ideal for emergencies above and below the water. In fact, more than two-thirds of the “Vessel Assist” Rescue Boats in the USA now carry Rescue Tape® as a standard item on their boats.

Rescue Tape® resists up to 8,000 volts per layer. (12,000 volts per layer for the new 2” version) It is fantastic for electrical wiring; use it to wrap wiring harnesses, waterproof electrical connections, and protect battery cables and terminals. Combining electrical resistance with heat resistance and being waterproof provides for a bullet-proof electrical connection, virtually eliminating corrosion. This is especially beneficial for eliminating electrical problems stemming from salt-water corrosion. With the unique clear Rescue Tape®, customers can wrap electrical connections and waterproof them, while still being able to visually inspect the connection to assure there is no corrosion or damage, and be able to see the color and even the print on the wiring. Rescue Tape® will never come unraveled like most tapes do, and can be easily removed with a knife or scissors while never leaving any sticky residue like electrical tape or duct tape.

Rescue Tape® will be available soon at your local dive shop. Additional details can also be found at www.rescuetape.com or by calling toll free at 877-847-2628. Rescue Tape® is proudly made in the USA.