Molding variations in this part as used in the OMS Buoyancy Control System (BCS) could cause cracking or breakage of part, resulting in rapid loss of buoyancy, creating a potential drowning hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: There have been reported of 19 failures. These failures were discovered during inspection, with no reports of injuries or death.

There are a total of 19,790 BCS Seal Rings (Item # BCA 500) installed in 5730 BCS mfg’d from May 11, 2006 through August 1, 2007.

While this variation is not present in every Seal Ring (Item # BCA 500), it would be difficult to determine in the field which Seal Rings are suspect. Therefore OMS is requiring that all Seal Rings be updated with new assemblies. All new seal rings are equipped with reinforcement at critical areas.

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