Mares has introduced the new 2008 Puck computer line. The new line is entry level, versatile full featured collection of dive computers including Puck wrist, Mission Puck 2 and Mission Puck 3 consoles.

The new Puck wrist dive computer features a high-resolution high contrast display, and larger digits, for easy reading, and backlight illumination on demand. Single- button operation makes it easy to quickly scroll through the menu options. Functions include a full decompression program, a programming mode and memory (capacity 38h), watch, calendar, and a setting for fresh/salt water. It is powered by a standard lithium battery that is user replaceable when needed. In addition, the Puck can be worn as a wrist unit or easily inserted into one of the Puck consoles for maximum benefits.

Like all Mares computers, the Puck is equipped with the most advanced RGBM Mares-Wienke algorithm, considerably lowering the risks associated with the formation of micro-bubbles by introducing deep stops, and active, timer-controlled display lighting by only pressing a button.

Mission Puck 2 and 3 consoles have a shock resistant elastomeric technopolymer casing and ergonomic shape designed with optimized viewing angles for easy reading of the computer, gauge and compass all at the same time. Mission Puck 2 computer console includes a compact easy to read pressure gauge with chrome-plated brass body. Mission Puck 3 computer console completes the collection with the addition of a compact dedicated compass. Other significant innovations include one central and two-side flexible eyelet loops for easy attachment.

The Puck wrist will be arriving at Mares dealers in early 2008.
For additional information on this product and the complete line of Mares products, go to for your nearest authorized Mares Dealer.