Ocean Presence Technologies (OPT), Santa Cruz, California is now working with National Geographic’s WildCams for streaming live video from a coral reef on Glover’s Reef Atoll in Belize at more than one-third of a mile offshore and at a depth of 66 feet.

Glover’s Atoll is a World Heritage site and marine reserve. The WildCam sits nearly 2,000 yards offshore of the Isla Marisol Resort. Resort guests can view and control the camera using a computer in the beach bar. Glover’s Atoll is part of the Belize Barrier Reef system, the greatest stretch of coral in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest barrier reef in the world.

National Geographic installed the live, continuous underwater camera using a fiber-optic cable that connects to the resort. It can be controlled and administered from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Live video feeds are available on any computer during daylight hours in the Central Standard Time (CST). To view this National Geographic WildCam live from Belize to your computer screen, go to www.video.nationalgeographic.com/video/wildcambelize.

OPT’s OceanCam provides advanced features for extended operation in harsh environments such as the open ocean. The pan-tilt-zoom camera can be operated over the Internet from anywhere in the world. For more information on Ocean Presence Technologies’ OceanCam visit www.OceanPresence.com or email robert@oceanpresence.com. Also visit the Isla Marisol Resort online at www.islamarisolresort.com.