Light & Motion is pleased to announce the shipping release of the all-new Sola 600 compact imaging light. The Sola 600 stakes out a new category of lighting with its versatility. From compact cameras to DSLRs to video housings, the Sola 600 is the perfect companion for all of these underwater imaging platforms. The Sola packs a blistering 679 lumens of light for 75 minutes with a clean even beam pattern and delivers 225 lumens of red light for close-up work at night.
Berkley White of Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo, returned from his first trip with Sola and shared his impressions: “The Sola’s tiny size and feather weight made it a great travel companion and added no noticeable weight to my camera rig. The Sola’s quick-flip power switch was easy to operate without even looking at the light. The waterproof charging ports didn’t require me to break a seal between dives, and my favorite feature was the critter-friendly red LEDs, which didn’t attract the swarming sea bugs.”  
The custom reflectors provide an even 75-degree beam. The magnetic bump switch takes a light tap to adjust white light levels or to switch to red light. Pressure tested and factory sealed, the Sola never needs to be opened. The Sola recharges in 2.5 hours with exposed gold-plated plugs in the rear of the body. The light also features a charge status indicator to help the diver manage the battery life across multiple dives. 
For more information on Light & Motion’s Sola 600, visit or call (831) 645-1525.