Fastencil is designed to make it possible for anyone to permanently brand their name, with expert results, on all of their fabric scuba gear, such as wetsuits, BCD’s, gear bags, hoods, and more.

“On a dive boat or crowded beach, all dive gear looks similar, so it needs a name or ID on it to prevent loss and theft,” said inventor and product creator John Wynne. “I realized that there wasn’t a practical and inexpensive way for people to print their names on all of their scuba gear– especially their fabric items. I also felt that the name or ID had to be permanent and waterproof but also be visually pleasing and professional looking.”

Setting out to make his dream a reality, Wynne, a former teacher said, “The challenge of making the invention simple and easy-to-use was really the difficult part. Applying names to items has always been a task reserved for skilled professionals, requiring high tech equipment, exact measurements, centering, etc.” Wynne was determined, however, saying, “I was intent on making it so user-friendly and so forgiving of mistakes that the results would put a smile on the face of any first-time user. I’m satisfied that I have accomplished that goal”.

Fastencil is reusable and comes in a kit and includes simple directions, over two alphabets of plastic stencils, stencil holder, waterproof paints, and an applicator. There is enough paint to do over twelve scuba fabric items. It is designed to take just a few minutes to put on the first ID or name. Subsequent names or ID’s can be done in about 30 seconds.

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