Fantasea Line, distributor of popular and affordable underwater photographic products, announces the release of the FD-40X waterproof camera housing dedicated exclusively to the new Nikon Digital D-60, D-40 and D-40X cameras. Together, the FD-40X housing and the D-60/D-40/D-40X camera offer an excellent combination for entry-level underwater DSLR photography at an affordable price. The FD-40X’s interchangeable port system accommodates a wide variety of SLR lenses, allowing photographers to capture the widest variety of superior underwater images. The Fantasea lens system provides the opportunity to use the exact lenses for the best circumstances, including a choice of macro, wide angle, fisheye, and zoom lenses.

The FD-40X housing is rated to a depth of 200 feet (60m). The camera “slides” into the FD-40X housing on a specially designed tray. Once inside the housing, the stainless steel latching buckles on the back door are snapped shut, sealing the system with a sound watertight seal. The housing controls are made from stainless steel shafts and springs and are sealed by double O-rings as is the housing port. The control knobs and buttons are made of sturdy molded polycarbonate. The FD-40X flash sync port is a five-pin Nikonos type system that allows for full TTL coverage especially when using the Fantasea FSB800 Flash housing for the Nikon SB 800 Flash. The FD-40X housing features full controls for the camera. Due to the longer and improved 18-55mm VR Zoom lens, the FD-40X lens port allows for zoom extension 18-50mm with the D60 camera.

And Fantasea offers free flood insurance—Fantasea Line is the only housing company in the world that offers a free pre-paid flood insurance policy for one year.

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