Dive Tips

Being a Better Dive Buddy

When I first started diving, I was a lousy dive buddy. Glen, my first dive partner reminded me of it often. Predive checks?Nope. I got in the water first and descended quickly. I was often nowhere to be found. But the worse violation was that my flailing arms and legs often collided with my defenseless buddy, dislodging his mask, regulator and whatever. Glen go so fed up that on one particular dive that he hauled-off and punched me, underwater, right in the mask — hard! […]

Swimming to Stay Fit for Diving

When I used to teach diving I would often get asked, “What is the best way to get into shape for diving?” I would look through my NAUI Instructor manual and read the answer, “By diving!” And the old standby answer was, “Swimming with mask, snorkel, and fins is a good second choice.” Diving can be a strenuous exercise. Carrying a full load of equipment, wearing a wetsuit while walking down the beach under the hot sun can make you sweat pretty hard, and swimming […]

How to Beat the Enemies of Dive Gear

Everything eventually wears out and must be discarded, but when it comes to expensive dive gear, we want to put off the death of our dive gear as long as possible. To do this, you need to identify the enemies that wear away at gear and learn ways to fight these enemies. Most divers are familiar with factors such as salt and sand, but there are other often more insidious elements that eat away at our equipment investments. SUN Keep your dive gear out of […]

The Anchor Line: A Blessing and Curse for Divers

Don’t you just love it when the dive boat captain puts the anchor right on the targeted reef and all you have to do is follow it down and you are right on the spot? Commercial divers call this a “down line.” It is especially useful when you need to find a very specific spot on the bottom and the visibility is not as good as you’d like. Without a line to follow right down to the dive site, you could spend your entire dive […]

Chartering Your Own Boat

To go boat diving, your choices have long been perceived as either buying your own boat or tagging along with a group, either with a club, dive store, or open boat that charters the larger commercial dive boats. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Owning your own boat is the ultimate freedom, diving when, where and how you want. But it is also the ultimate responsibility. It can be expensive, you are responsible for the driving the boat safely and the diving operations off […]

Myths, Misconceptions and Truths about Seasickness

First, let me say straight out that this is not a scientific article, based on any extensive research. It is, rather, based on nearly 30 years of going to sea, watching people get seasick, and getting seasick myself. I have read most of the articles on how to prevent seasickness and frankly, a lot of them have it wrong, or at least partially wrong. CAUSES Seasickness is caused mainly by the fact that your eyes and your inner ears (your balance center) are telling your […]

Better Boat Diving

Every week dozens of these vessels from Monterey to San Diego head out taking divers to explore beautiful California waters. If you have not already done so, it is time to book a trip on one of these fun boats. Below are a few tips to making your California dive-charter boat experience one of maximum enjoyment. SIGN UP CORRECTLY The Internet is great but if you cannot get the answers you want online, CALL! There are several critical points of information you need before you […]

Practical Underwater Navigation From A Boat

Underwater navigation is one of the most underappreciated of all diving skills. During open water classes, students are taught basic compass skills. Later, these skills are enhanced in advanced and specialty classes where students are taught to estimate distances and navigate a geometric pattern. While proficiency with a compass can be quite handy while navigating under a thick bed of kelp, compass skills are not the only navigation tool needed by divers. The fact is most of us dive because it is fun and we […]

How to Choose an Instructor That is Right for You

Let’s say you are in the market for a buoyancy compensator. You’ll want one that is just right for your style of diving. It should fit you just right and be a good value. You even want a particular color accent. But there are so many choices! Do you just walk into a dive store and buy the first BC that matches the color in your wetsuit? Of course not. Wisely, you should first consult the dive pro at the store, talk to your diving […]

How to Make Time for Diving

What is the single biggest thing that keeps you from diving more often? Money? Lack of skills? No dive buddy? While these may very well be the factors, odds are the largest deterrent to diving more often is a simple lack of time. Of course, there are things we could do to better organize and streamline our lives to do those things we love, but that has been addressed in countless articles in other general interest magazines. What I want to do here is to […]

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