Aqua Lung’s popular Pro QD BC has a new look for this diving season, complete with the latest features including the patented SureLock II™ weight system, which allows divers to easily insert and lock weights into place using a specialized rail system.

“The original Pro QD was an excellent BC, but it was time to update it with some of our newest technology,” says Olivier Laguette, Director of Marketing for Aqua Lung.

Providing divers with comfort and adaptability, the updated version of the Pro QD offers increased function and ease of use with Aqua Lung’s most recent innovations, such as an adjustable waistband and positioning strap that permits a more precise fit and a sleeker, more modern air cell that provides additional lift without adding bulk under the arms. It is estimated that the new Pro QD will provide 1.5 lbs / 0.7 kg more lift than the original BC.

For those who prefer to dive with an octopus, the new Pro QD features an “Octo-pocket” inside the right lobe for convenient storage that will keep the additional air supply tucked away until needed.

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Other improved features include a traction pad to prevent tank slippage, and a re-designed backpack inside with molded carrying handle for easy transport.

Offering value, comfort and durability for years to come, the new Pro QD BC is made of long-lasting, fade resistant and abrasion resistant materials, and comes in navy blue with silver accents. The Pro QD BC is available in seven different sizes ranging from XS to XXL. For specific stores carrying Aqua Lung products, log onto or call (760) 597-5000.

For over 60 years, Aqua Lung’s name has been synonymous with innovation in the scuba diving world. With its deep commitment to quality, research and testing, Aqua Lung’s award winning products have advanced the scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming experience for enthusiasts and professionals all over the world.

Aqua Lung introduced the world to scuba diving with the invention of the Aqualung, a compact pressure regulator developed by the pioneering ocean explorer Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Since then, growth has continued with the acquisition of several leading companies that share Aqua Lung’s innovative spirit. Today, those brands include Sea Quest, Deep See, U.S. Divers, Apeks, Aqua Sphere and Stohlquist.

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