As an underwater photographer, I’m always pleased to see my photos appear in print, but I’m even delighted to share my passion and my imagery with a real-live audience. It doesn’t matter to me whether I’m in a large auditorium with a rockin’ audio and sound system, or projecting a few photos on the wall of a pizza parlor during a dive club meeting — it’s the sharing that counts. I like getting feedback from fellow divers and sharing tips with other photographers. I bet you photography enthusiasts will agree that sharing photos and swapping stories is nearly as much fun as going out diving and getting the actual shots.
If you were waiting for an invitation to share your photographic skills with others, here it is. 
SCUBA Show 2013 will be held in Long Beach, CA this coming June 8th and 9th, and one of the feature attractions is the continuous showing film festival. And you‚äôre invited to be part of the show.
Completed films along with “music video”-style pieces that feature digitized still images set to music will be shown on both Saturday and Sunday throughout show hours. In past years some of the world’s foremost underwater filmmakers have shown their films. So have a lot of amateur filmmakers. That’s part of the fun. In fact, some of the pieces that have been recognized as “crowd favorites” were shot and edited by non-professional and semi-professional filmmakers. 
All films will be digitally projected in High Definition on a huge screen in the exhibit hall on the main show floor. The films will be seen — and seen big!
And speaking of the crowd, if you have not previously attended a SCUBA Show you might be wondering who does. The show is open to the general public, and every year thousands of people attend. Most are a mix of experienced and new divers, but every year a number of non-divers come as well. And as a matter of fact, the SCUBA Show is the largest dive exposition of its kind in the United States. So when I say this is your chance to share your talent in front of a large audience, this really is the chance! 
So, what’s the catch? You have until March 31, 2013 to submit your work. You can find detailed submission guidelines at  
Photographers whose films are accepted for showing will receive an honorarium. (That means you’ll get paid. In real dollars.)
Simply RSVP by submitting your work. We’ll see you — and maybe your photographic talents — at SCUBA Show 2013.