scuba show

Now’s the Time

At the SCUBA Show in Long Beach last month I helped staff the California Diving News booth, gave two seminars, got to introduce several seminar speakers, and was honored to present Zale Parry with the 2016 California Scuba Service Award. I spent the remaining time visiting exhibitor booths on the show floor. Needless to say, I stayed busy. I have been in the diving industry in one capacity or another for more than four decades. So, it is probably not surprising that I know a […]

The Business of Passion– The Diving Industry, Seen Through a Show

If you had a chance to sit in on casual conversation with a group of dive industry executives, you might hear someone comment about how the diving business is run by hobbyists. By that, they mean people who fell in love with diving and found a way to make a living at it. The conversation usually winds up with the group wondering how much farther along diving would be if it was run instead by a solid collection of business school grads. They stop short […]

Shark Victory in Hawaii Needs to be Copied Worldwide

Something truly miraculous and revolutionary occurred this May, and for the most part it went by unnoticed. It has been crystal clear for some time that over-fishing has precipitated a sharp decline in marine life. While some legislation to manage sustainable fisheries has been enacted locally and internationally, the management of shark fisheries has been conspicuously neglected. Earlier this year Hawaiian State Senator Clayton Hee introduced and championed Senate Bill 2169 that made it illegal to possess, sell, or barter shark fins in Hawaii. The […]

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