The Thrill of the Hunt: A Diver’s Guide to Lobster

Who says we don’t have seasons in California? We most certainly do! There is lobster season and everything else. We’ll keep this simple: California spiny lobsters (“bugs”) are very tasty. They’re also hard to find at local seafood specialty stores and restaurants — and are often outrageously expensive when you can find them. Finally, they are a lot of fun to catch while diving! If you have not already done so, perhaps it is time for you to try lobster hunting. Is it easy? Well, […]

33rd Annual Avalon Underwater Cleanup February 22

The Catalina Island Conservancy’s 33rd annual Avalon Underwater Cleanup will takes place February 22, 2014. During the event, members of the diving community are invited to help clean the seafloor of Avalon Harbor. This is the only time diving is permitted in the harbor. Over the years, the cleanup has grown to become one of the most popular dive events in Southern California, attracting more than 500 divers who scour several sites to retrieve trash and lost items from the harbor floor. For the second […]

Avalon Vacation Home For Rent

Relax on Catalina Island in accommodations that are more affordable than a hotel yet far more comfortable. – On the “flats” with an easy stroll to town, boat, and beach – Three full-sized bedrooms (2 queen, 1 full) – Sleeps 6 (8 with pull out couch) – 2 bathrooms, both with showers – Washer/dryer – Elegant fully equipped kitchen and spacious dining area – Spacious living room with fireplace, big screen cable TV, and cathedral ceiling – – – Now booking. Summer, fall and winter […]

The Value of a Dive Mentor

Kim, my wife and usual dive buddy, has been laid up lately from a severe back injury. Upsetting as it is I have since found it to lead to some new opportunities. With Kim being out of the picture I decided to turn lemons into lemonade. I was going to find some new dive buddies.  I remembered that some guys from my church had recently been certified, a young college kid and a middle-age family man. They were both looking to gain more diving experience […]

Gold Star Dive – July 16

The 13th Anniversary Gold Star Dive on Catalina Island at the Casino Point Underwater Park will be held on Saturday, July 16. The event is hosted by the Avalon Sheriff’s Station and sponsored by several dive shops and companies associated with diving. This event will be a fund-raiser for the Avalon Sheriff’s Station’s  Y.A.L. (Youth Athletic League) program and the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber.  Divers will search for numbered “gold” stars in depths between 10 feet and 50 feet. Divers will have an hour and a […]

Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup — February 26

The 30th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup will be held on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Once a year the Avalon Harbor Department permits diving in Avalon Harbor for the Avalon Underwater Cleanup. This event, which is steeped in over a quarter century of tradition, brings together over 400 divers from California and other western states, as well as many foreign countries. In the morning, divers will scour the harbor searching for trash and debris, which is removed and sorted by volunteers. Prizes and awards are […]

Underwater Pumpkin Carving and Costume Contest — October 16

An Underwater Pumpkin Carving and Costume contest will take place at Casino Point, Catalina Island on October 16. And, if you can believe it, there is actually a specialty certification offered! For more information email or call 909-855-5334. FYI: There is also an Underwater Poker Run offered in the same location the next day, October 17. No specialty certification offered.

How to Photograph Giant Black Sea Bass

Hurry and grab your cameras! They’re here! The giant black sea bass (GBSB) are back and entertaining divers once again.  Giant black sea bass (Stereolepis gigas) were once endangered and rare due to over fishing, largely blamed on excessive spearfishing and sport fishing. In 1982 they came under protection of the state government and have made a partial but dramatic comeback. Most animals seen by divers are in the size range of 3 to 5 feet and around 300 pounds but can range upward of […]

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