Long Beach

Sundiver, Sundiver II, Sundiver III

SUNDIVER Designed as a comfortable dive boat, our signature boat runs both overnight and day trips. While our 54 ft. boat is certified for 42 passengers, we take a maximum of 22 divers for overnight trips and 26 divers for day trips. Two large gates make easy exits. Our two-level swim step platform makes getting back on the boat simple. Tanks can be filled from each dive seat from individual air fill whips. Staying overnight? Need a nap? We have inside seating for 16 with […]

Cee Ray

If you’ve never been diving in the waters along the Southern California Coast it could be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.  We’d love to help you get acquainted to the area and show you some great dive spots.  Once you’ve experienced diving in the kelp you’ll find it one of the most beautiful you’ve ever had.  It’s like diving in an underwater forest and along with it is an abundance of friendly sea creatures. If you’re not a certified diver and […]

Bottom Scratcher

The Bottom Scratcher is designed exclusively for “Live-aboard” Diving, for scuba diving in California’s Channel Islands and Santa Catalina Island. Unlimited airfills while diving First Class meals included ~ all meals prepared fresh and served buffet style U.S. Coast Guard SO/AS certified for multi-day extended-range Dive Trips Single-day trips and Multi-day trips (Liveaboards) to California’s Channel Islands Santa Catalina Island Other Islands Special Destinations Peace of Mind ~ Full back-up equipment Three air compressors Two generators and many more redundant systems 18-foot Chase Boat with […]

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