Mendocino County

Jug Handle State Natural Reserve

Jug Handle State Natural Reserve
Jug Handle State Natural Reserve

There are sites that are so fantastic that you would like to dive them every week. However, many of the “best” sites are often exposed to the prevailing wind and swell and can only be enjoyed on that rare, exceptionally calm day. For the past three years I have scouted the coast between Fort Bragg and Mendocino looking for seldom dived sites with superior prospects for game hunting. One area I frequently examined was the shoreline along the northern portion of Jug Handle State Natural […]

From Trash to Treasure at Glass Beach

Did you ever think it would be fun to dive in a city dump? I, for one, never thought that would be either a good or fun idea. However, if you dive at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg that is exactly what you are doing. And contrary to any preconceived notions one might have, it is a fun dive. Glass Beach is located at the north end of the City of Fort Bragg. From 1906 through 1967 Fort Bragg residents simply threw their garbage over […]

Russian Gulch State Park

Most Californians believe that the United States acquired the land that would eventually become California as a result of a battle with Mexico. This is about half true, but at one point Russia claimed the northern part of the state, down to Bodega Bay. They erected a major stockade at Fort Ross in Sonoma County and used this a base to collect sea otter, elephant seal, and sea lion pelts. The Russians sold their holdings in 1841 after hunting down the marine mammal population in […]

Mendocino County’s Buckhorn Cove

Before the discovery of gold in 1848, San Francisco was a tiny town of about 300. By 1853 San Francisco had 150,000 residences and needed wood to build the growing city. They found it in Mendocino County. The first mill was established near the present day town of Mendocino, and at one time nearly every tiny cove in the county supported a mill and port. One of the smaller mills was the Buckhorn Mill, owned by the Little River Mill Co., and was located at […]

Mendocino County’s Caspar Cove

Divers from the San Francisco Bay Area or the Central Valley often drive to the Sonoma Coast and back in a single day. Mendocino County is a bit further away and an overnight or long weekend trip is usually more comfortable; and divers will need a place to spend the night. It is, of course, preferable to sleep where the accommodations are diver-friendly and near where you will dive. Caspar Cove is such a place where it’s a short walk from your campsite to a […]

Mendocino’s Anchor Bay

Mendocino County is home to an incredibly rugged and scenic coastline. Each year tourists come to marvel at sheer cliffs that drop hundreds of feet directly to emerald green water, and a coastline sculpted by the wind and waves into a maze of small bays, points and arches. Divers flock here because the underwater beauty is just as magnificent as that above the water. Anchor Bay is located north of Gualala in Mendocino County. It was first called Fish Rocks Landing by mid-1800s settlers after […]

Anchor Bay

There are times when I like to find the perfect spot and just stay there for a while. Three-day weekends are like that. With everyone driving here and there, it is sometimes nice to find a superb dive site and have everything you need nearby. Anchor Bay fits this description nicely. Anchor Bay is located north of Gualala in Mendocino County and access to the ocean is through a private campground. Nestled in a large stand of redwoods and amidst one of the prettier parts […]

A Diver’s Delight – Public Easements Along the Mendocino County

I’ve never been a fan of big government, but sometimes they surprise me and get it right. Such is the case of the California Coastal Commission. The Commission was established by voter initiative in 1972, made permanent by the Legislature four years later, and is responsible for regulating land and water uses along our coast. Part of their mission is to establish and maintain public access to the coast. All of our State’s beaches are public and no one but the State or Federal Government […]

Van Damme State Park

Many of us in Northern California look forward to the opening of abalone season with child-like anticipation. The arrival of spring denotes longer and warmer days and fresh shellfish for the table. However, opening day also comes with a bit of hesitation since the early-season weather is not always optimum for water sports. What divers often look for in early season are protected sites with a lot of abalone, and Little River Cove at Van Damme State Park fills the bill nicely. Little River Cove […]

Cuffey’s Cove

Roger and I were on a mission: we were looking for big abalone. Some years ago I explored the area north of Elk, called Cuffey’s Cove and found a large number of abalone that were just short of 10 inches. The plan was to find those who had grown up a bit. We paddled our kayaks across Greenwood Cove and headed north. About half way across the cove we felt the impact of numerous small objects striking the bottom of our kayaks. This was somewhat […]

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