Mendocino County

Cuffey’s Cove

Roger and I were on a mission: we were looking for big abalone. Some years ago I explored the area north of Elk, called Cuffey’s Cove and found a large number of abalone that were just short of 10 inches. The plan was to find those who had grown up a bit. We paddled our kayaks across Greenwood Cove and headed north. About half way across the cove we felt the impact of numerous small objects striking the bottom of our kayaks. This was somewhat […]

Mendocino County: Albion

It is amazing how a single conversation can change your life. In the summer of 1850 Captain William Richardson was enjoying a drink in a bar in San Francisco, when a group of shipwrecked sailors stumbled in. The sailors shared their tale of harrow and survival as their ship became wrecked off the Mendocino coast and they had to row in a small boat to San Francisco. But, they spoke of more than survival. They spoke of huge forests without end and trees so big […]

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