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Getting Serious at Monterey’s Seriously Reef

I was out on a dive charter in September and the captain asked me where I wanted to dive. Of course I asked her to select a spot that I have not previously reviewed. She responded, “Seriously!”  “Yes, seriously,” I replied.  “No, the dive sites name is Seriously,” she explained. At first it felt like we were reliving Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on first?” sketch, but I finally realized we were going to dive a new site named Seriously. The site was identified from bathometry […]

Jewels of the Calif. Coast, Part 1: Northern Channel Islands

A native Chicagoan, it wasn’t until I became a scuba diver that I discovered Santa Catalina isn’t the only island off the SoCal coast; it is one of eight. In the past 40 years I have explored all of them. Each is unique above and below the water and each offers hundreds of dive sites, no two alike. Five of the eight comprise the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary. This article is about four: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel. The […]

Lovers Point East Side

Lovers Point offers one of the most comfortable and underappreciated dives in the Monterey Bay Area. In the early days of Monterey this area was very popular among amorous teenagers. Now, it is a spot for those who love the ocean and diving. This is a particularly convenient place to dive since you can park near the water and find interesting diving close to shore. Surprisingly, this is one of those sites where unusual things can almost be expected to happen. Lovers Point has two […]

Nooks and Crannies

In the multitude of holes and mini-caves we found numerous lobster, an octopus, and a couple of moray eels. Mountains of rock rise from the bottom dotted with thousands of bright blue and red blue-banded gobies and here and there dazzling Spanish shawl nudibranchs.  This was our third dive of the day. So far it had been an exceptional day of diving but it seems that our dive charter boat, Sundiver Express, had saved the best dive for last. While it is a great dive […]

Anacapa’s Wreck of the Equator

With most sunken wrecks it is fun to talk about illustrious careers of sailing from distant ports to wayward harbors and islands. Who were the mysterious personalities that walked the vessel’s decks over the years? What were their dreams? Were they famous, infamous or just no-bodies? In what spectacular way did the boat meet its demise? Unfortunately, the wreck of the Equator on Anacapa Island lacks a remarkable story. Even its sinking was not particularly interesting.  The Equator was built in 1949 and sank later […]

Monterey Bay’s Eric’s Pinnacle

The greater Monterey Bay Area has a large number of “named” dive sites; and there is often an entertaining story that accompanies each name. Eric’s Pinnacle is a good example. Back in the 1990s Captain Phil Sammet and Eric Minard (Captain Dave Minard’s brother) were out looking for a sandy spot to hunt halibut. Phil was driving and Eric was watching the depth finder when they went over a steep-sided pinnacle. Eric exclaimed, “Wow, look at that!” Phil said, “You found it; what are you […]

Exploring Corona Del Mar’s Little Corona

Repeatedly diving a particular location has its benefits. You get to know the “lay of the land,” individual animals, seasons, and ecological shifts. But at Little Corona the ocean throws something new at us every time we dive there.  Our first dive there years ago produced a huge horn shark at over four-feet long. Subsequent dives over the years have produced large halibut, big bat rays, marauding sea lions, dolphins, diving cormorant birds, as well as the more common but just as delightful congregations of […]

Monterey’s MacAfee Pinnacle

Some dives are challenging and require advanced divers to utilize all their skills to enjoy the dive. Other dives are all about experiencing calm serenity and enjoying the site’s fascinating marine life, and may be appreciated by divers of all skill levels. MacAfee Pinnacle is in the latter category. MacAfee Pinnacle is located off of McAbee Beach in the City of Monterey. Although it is possible to make the long swim from shore to this pinnacle, divers normally enjoy this site from one of Monterey’s […]

The Wreck of the SueJac

Many divers have an affinity for shipwrecks. We seem to be drawn to examples of how man tries to tame the ocean with our so-called superior intellect and crafty hands only to find those creations dashed and sent to a watery grave. Through the power of the sea, and man’s folly, we divers often benefit with fun dive sites.  The problem we often run into is that these hulks are often difficult to reach, either through horizontal distance from shore or vertically in terms of […]

From Trash to Treasure at Glass Beach

Did you ever think it would be fun to dive in a city dump? I, for one, never thought that would be either a good or fun idea. However, if you dive at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg that is exactly what you are doing. And contrary to any preconceived notions one might have, it is a fun dive. Glass Beach is located at the north end of the City of Fort Bragg. From 1906 through 1967 Fort Bragg residents simply threw their garbage over […]

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