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Pu’uhonua O Honaunau – a Place of Refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii

Honaunau Bay is a peaceful, calm section of the Pacific Ocean on the South Kona Coast that is filled with clear water, colorful fish, dolphins and friendly turtles. Few places are better for communing with nature, your inner spirit, your mate, your God. And compared to the resorts to the north, Honaunau gets relatively few visitors affording a chance for solitude. There are three very attractive features to this area: the Bay, one of the finest for snorkeling and diving in all the Hawaiian Islands; […]

Gunsight Reef

Anacapa Island is actually a string of three small islands. Between East Anacapa and Middle Anacapa the ocean swirls white around jagged rocks. The passage between Middle Anacapa and West Anacapa is different. There are three breaks, the western most, a cobble beach awash at high tide. The eastern break is rough and rocky. In the middle is a rock arch. From the frontside (north) of the island, if you look at just the correct angle, almost due south, you can see through the tunnel […]

Diving Loreto, Baja California

Loreto is located almost 600 miles south of the border on the Gulf coast of Baja, but less than two hours by air from Los Angeles. Due in part to Mexico’s creation of a National Marine Park surrounding several islands in the Sea of Cortez, scuba divers comprise an ever increasing segment of Loreto’s visitors. The Loreto National Marine Park encompasses an area approximately 50 miles long and 25 miles wide, and includes five major islands. Between Isla Coronados in the north, and Isla Santa […]

Howland’s Landing Drop-Off

Why are divers so fascinated by diving on “walls”? There are multiple answers. First, it is the ready access to deep water which is both mysterious and compelling. Some venture forth, others just gaze into the darkness wondering what may come up from the depths. Also, as you descend along the face of a drop-off you witness, in a short span, the various marine life that is distinctive to that particular depth. But whatever the reason, divers like drop-offs. They are fun and exciting to […]

Jade Cove

If there is a Mount Everest of California shore diving it’s Jade Cove. Located along an isolated portion of the Big Sur coast, the cove can only be reached after crossing a wide grassy meadow, then descending a rugged trail switch backing down a 100-foot cliff before reaching the small, isolated beach. Not an easy task wearing a dive suit and carrying a tank and weight belt. April is considered the best time to dive, though conditions can vary from day to day. One day […]

Diving the Rock: Sutil Island

I don’t know why Sutil is called an island because this popular dive site about 700 yards off Santa Barbara Island looks more like a large, triangular rock. Rising some 300 feet above the ocean’s surface, its steep sides are pocked with caves. The north side of Sutil is subject to swells and is dived infrequently. The west side is subject to swift currents that could sweep you out to sea and is never dived (at least not by charter boat). Thus, most of the […]

Galapagos Live-Aboard Dive Adventure

I have become fascinated by those islands that share the Eastern Pacific with California’s Islands. None of them hold coral reefs like those across the same ocean, but just the same, not unlike California’s islands, the islands of the Eastern Pacific share wild mixing of cool, cold and warm currents and nutrient rich waters forming a bath bound to breed unique and plentiful marine life. Add in isolation, and you have a formula that will create fantastic diving adventures. No more is this true than […]

White Rocks (a.k.a. Sea Fan Grotto)

White Rocks, also known as Sea Fan Grotto, is one of the classic “must-do” dive sites at Catalina Island. Just east of Blue Cavern Point, massive slabs of rock sheared away from the cliff centuries ago and stacked themselves in such away underwater as to create a wonderful cavern that is suitable for all levels of divers. The rock pile can be clearly seen protruding from the surface, making this site easy to find. Some of the rocks are white with bird droppings, hence the […]

Little Flower

On the northeast end of San Clemente Island, Little Flower is one of those protected coves that’s nearly always calm. And, because it has something for everyone, novice to advanced, it’s quite popular with divers and the dive charter boats that ferry them to and from the mainland. The shoreline extends 25 or more yards underwater, thus, the shallows are rocky and shrouded in palm kelp. Exploring this area is like a treasure hunt. The rocks and kelp hide and provide shelter for fish—including calico […]

Ruby Rock

One of the most difficult tasks is to please a group of divers with widely different experience and purpose. Novices generally look for calm waters with relatively shallow depths. More experienced divers look for new adventures and can easily handle a bit of current and depth. Photographers and hunters look for the same thing, but to a different end. While few sites can handle all expectations, Ruby Rock is a sure bet to please most, if not all, of your group. Ruby Rock is located […]

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