Ventura County

Enjoying SoCal’s Deer Creek

The next time you are heading out of L.A. for Ventura or Santa Barbara take the coastal route. Highway 1, also known as Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or just Coast Highway, passes through the famous Malibu colony but more importantly directly along side some of the best coastal scenery in all of Southern California.  As you travel, glance toward the sea on occasion and you’ll notice large kelp forests hugging the shoreline at many places. Beneath these canopies are excellent dive sites, reefs with abundant […]

Dive Site Ventura County: La Jenelle Park

On April 13, 1970 the La Jenelle was a 466-foot, 1,000-passenger luxury liner moored outside Port Hueneme harbor when a storm changed her fate. Ripped from her mooring, she ended up aground near the mouth of the harbor. After repeated attempts to free the vessel failed, the La Jenelle received an unfortunate makeover — Navy Seabees cut away her superstructure and placed large boulders in and around the hull, turning the onetime oceangoing vessel into a permanent part of the Port Hueneme jetty. Portions of […]

La Jenelle Artificial Reef

There is an old sailor’s superstition that the 13th day of any month (especially if it’s a Friday), is a jinxed day. On April 13, 1970, winds off southern California reached gale strength and the offshore seas were mountainous. For the liner La Jenelle and her crew of two anchored outside the harbor at Port Hueneme, the old seaman’s superstition of the 13th being a hoodoo day was proven again when the liner was violently driven ashore. La Jenelle was launched as the 1,000 passenger, […]

Hueneme Submarine Canyon

Submarine canyons are fascinating geological structures that are gashes in the continental shelf that bring deep water and its creatures close to shore. They serve mainly to act as transport corridors for sand and sediment to find its way down the continental shelf as longshore currents push the sand along the beaches. For us underwater explorers, they make excellent dives for the interesting animals and excellent deepwater training. Upwelling brings cold nutrient rich waters close to shore that in turn support unique ecosystems quite different […]

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