San Nicolas

East End

San Nicolas is the most remote, least visited, and most mysterious of the Channel Islands. Once home to Chumash Indians, the island is now owned by the U.S. Navy and is part of the Pacific Missile Range. Unless invited by the Navy, it is strictly prohibited to set foot ashore. But don’t let that stop you from visiting the fertile waters around the island. The East End of San Nic provides a calm anchorage and some of the best game hunting in the Channel Islands. […]

Begg Rock

Open ocean pinnacles offer some of the most spectacular diving found in California. The biggest problem diving those pinnacles is the length of time it takes getting there and wondering if the weather will be friendly. Begg Rock is one of those pinnacles. At 60 miles from the California mainland, it is one of the dives usually done from a multi-day, live-aboard boat. At about eight miles off the west end of San Nicolas, Island Begg Rock rises fifteen feet out of the sea. The […]

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