Pyramid Cove

There's a spot in the Channel Islands that offers a little bit of everything for divers. And by "everything" I…
Dale Sheckler
March 17, 2015

Bat Ray Cove

Even after decades of diving, most of it in California, there is still quite a few local marine animals I…
Bonnie J. Cardone
August 8, 2010

Pyramid Head

Much of the diving activity at San Clemente Island takes place in Pyramid Cove, a large bay at the south…
Dale Sheckler
January 1, 2009


The frontside of San Clemente Island, for the most part, runs in a straight line to the southeast. Steep slopes…
Dale Sheckler
December 14, 2008

Little Flower

On the northeast end of San Clemente Island, Little Flower is one of those protected coves that's nearly always calm.…
Bonnie J. Cardone
December 11, 2008

East End Reef

Hello, my name is Ken and I'm a Wallaholic.I LOVE diving walls. And that's only one reason that I love…
Ken Kurtis
December 9, 2008