Central Coast

Lover’s Point

So many dive sites, so little time. . . Where to dive today? Let’s say you are a relatively new diver to Monterey, have dived at the Breakwater or McAbee Beach, and you are looking for something new and a little more challenging. Or, you are a photographer looking for good macro photography, or you’re with a non-diving family. I suggest you check outLover’s Point. On the east side of Lover’s Point are two small, sandy beaches that may be reached via stone stairs. These […]

North Cypress Point

When the southerly wind starts to blow, Monterey divers have few options. Most stay in the Monterey Bay, or head south to Mono-Lobo Wall in Carmel Bay. During one southerly blow we noticed a calm spot on the north side of Cypress Point. The point provided sufficient of protection from the wind and offered up a superb dive site. Cypress Point is the major promontory between Monterey and Carmel Bays and is the most westerly point for some distance from Monterey. Consequently, coastal traffic (both […]

Gibson Beach

The underwater portion of Point Lobos State Reserve is divided into two parts—one where permitted divers may go, and one where they may not. Like many, I have always wondered what the diving would be like in the forbidden area. I guess I’ll just have to keep on wondering since there is no chance I’ll ever dive there. However, the next best thing may be the site just south of the reserve, an area we call Gibson Beach. Gibson Beach is a great place to […]

Outer Butterfly

The sites we dive are often dictated by conditions. Weather permitting, I prefer to dive the most exposed points possible, but when the northeasters kick up I look for more protected sites. In the middle of Carmel Bay is a site that is protected from the swell on most days, yet has plenty of exposure to ocean currents and excellent marine life. Between the Copper Roof House and the Butterfly House is an extensive, healthy bed of giant kelp. The far edge of the kelp […]

Spooner’s Cove, Montana De Oro

I had to wait for the afternoon between tides for the waves to calm.The course sand made a crunching sound beneath my dive boots as I traversed the beach. The heavy scent of eucalyptus from a nearby forestfilled the air. A heavy fog hovered above a sheltered cove of light-colored rock, and the white water seemed suspended between the waves. A seldom visited dive location, Spooner’s Cove at Montana de Oro State Park would be my first experience scuba diving in San Luis Obispo County. […]

Del Monte Beach

Most California divers seek out rocky reefs or thick kelp beds due to their profusion of life, and few would consider deliberately diving in the sand. While rocky reefs generally hold more of interest to divers, the sand offers a unique dive that should not be passed up. One of the better sand dives in the Monterey Area is at Del Monte Beach. Del Monte Beach is a big stretch of sand that runs from Wharf #2 out past California State University towards Moss Landing. […]

Vision to Explore Uncharterd Big Sur

I awaken to the sound of two synchronous v-12 engines firing-up. In a daze of semi-sleep I realize I’m in a bunk on the Vision live-aboard yacht, the finest vessel in the fleet of boats owned by Truth Aquatics out of Santa Barbara. I feel a bit displaced. We are not at the usual mooring in the harbor of Santa Barbara but are debarking from the northern reaches of Morro Bay. We are going to Big Sur, Morro Bay being the closest harbor to these […]

The Diablo Pinnacles

I live for late season diving, as this is simply the best time to enjoy Central California’s waters. When the fog and tourists depart, it’s time to get wet. On these fall and winter days the water is warmer than earlier in the year, the visibility better, and the seas calmer. These are days to seek out remote dive sites like Diablo Pinnacles. The Diablo Pinnacles are a pair of rocks located south of Soberanes Point and offshore from the Granite Canyon Bridge. During the […]

Jade Cove

If there is a Mount Everest of California shore diving it’s Jade Cove. Located along an isolated portion of the Big Sur coast, the cove can only be reached after crossing a wide grassy meadow, then descending a rugged trail switch backing down a 100-foot cliff before reaching the small, isolated beach. Not an easy task wearing a dive suit and carrying a tank and weight belt. April is considered the best time to dive, though conditions can vary from day to day. One day […]

Bluefish Cove

There are few experiences that can compare with diving along a steep wall. The sheer exhilaration that one feels flying along the wall can only be compared to flight. It may, very well, be the closest thing we will ever get to flying like a bird. And there are the animals. Walls are bathed in nutrient-laden waters, and consistently present divers with more and more diverse critters. While most of us are accustomed to hopping on a boat to get to California’s best wall dives, […]

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