Goat Harbor

Sheltered cove, open sandy beach, camping availability, easy anchorage, good diving. Sound like a plan? Have a boat? You need…
Len Tillim
December 11, 2008

Garibaldi Reef

How dive sites get their names is frequently a mystery to me. Take Catalina Island. I have always wondered, and…
Kim Sheckler
December 9, 2008

Sea Fan Grotto

Oh, how I love gorgonians! Kim—wife, buddy and underwater model—knows that if I see a large stand of beautiful gorgonian…
Dale & Kim Sheckler
December 9, 2008

Bird Rock

No doubt about it, I am still learning in my diving ventures, still exploring. A recent dive on Bird Rock,…
Dale & Kim Sheckler
December 7, 2008