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  • Spearfisher Wins Struggle with Monster Lingcod

    CDN:The Underwater Hunter course here in Sacramento (  is going great. Each student truly raves about the course and comes away with a better understanding of what is legal. The DFG Finfish and Shellfish Identification books really make a difference in teaching this course. This is one of the divers on a recent Underwater Hunter class trip to the North …Read More »

  • How to Develop A Good Relationship with Your Dive Store (Part 2)

    Last month, we gave you some common-sense (at least from a store owner’s perspective) ideas on how to develop a good relationship with your local dive shop. This month, we pick up where we left off: SHOW A LITTLE LOYALTY: We know you’re going to shop at other stores. But see if you can make one store your “home” store. …Read More »

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