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  • Hardigg Storm Cases

    Hardigg Storm Cases

    Hardigg Cases are now designing versatile injection molded protective cases for the underwater enthusiast – the Storm Case. These highly respected waterproof cases are just the thing for underwater equipment such as regulators, BCD’s, fins, masks, cameras, dive bags, dry suits, wetsuits, tanks, gauges, lights, First Aid and more. Storm Cases are designed to transport a wide range of sensitive …Read More »

  • Fond Memories of Beach Dives

    Dale and I just had our fourth edition of Southern California’s Best Beach Dives book published. As I sat down and edited the material, I found myself reminiscing about every dive, some multiple times on a particular site. All dived over the past 25 years, then again for the most recent book. Wow, what a wonderful time we’ve had up …Read More »

  • Spearfishing Debate Continues

    CDN:Karl Fredricks letter to the editor in the June 2008 Issue illustrates the largest problem facing true conservation of our oceans resources today, which is a lack of thought and attention to detail, concerning our environmental problems. Although I completely agree with Karl’s statement that fish are disappearing from our oceans at an alarming rate, it is ludicrous to attribute …Read More »

  • In Defense of Spearfishing

    I am curious to hear if any of those against spearfishing ever eat fish? If they eat commercially caught fish, they don’t have a leg to stand on when being against spearfishing. I find it the ultimate exercise in hypocrisy to criticize people that selectively hunt fish to consume when the same person doing the criticizing is happily eating fish …Read More »

  • Island of the Great White Shark

    Island of the Great White Shark

    A precarious population of great white sharks and the ongoing scientific research intended to secure their survival is the subject of Island of the Great White Shark, a just completed documentary film by RTSea Productions. The production is the culmination of a three-year effort by filmmaker Richard Theiss to provide the first comprehensive look at the great white sharks found …Read More »

  • A Diver’s Guide to Southern California’s Best Beach Dives, 4th Edition

    A Diver’s Guide to Southern California’s Best Beach Dives, 4th Edition

    Beach diving in Southern California is easy, fun and exciting. Clear, life- filled waters, and game (including lobster) are right in Southern California’s back yard. Southern California’s most outstanding beach dive sites—70 in all—are covered in the newly released book A Diver’s Guide to Southern California’s Best Beach Dives, 4th Edition. All information in this revised edition has been updated. …Read More »

  • The Lifecycle of Spiny Lobsters

    The Lifecycle of Spiny Lobsters

    For many sea creatures parenting is easy; they have little or no contact with their offspring. Take for example, the California spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus). Found off the West Coast from Monterey Bay, CA, to Magdalena Bay, Mexico, this is the succulent crustacean that causes a diving frenzy known as Lobster Season. Ever wonder why the season is closed between …Read More »

  • How to Balance Ambient and Artificial Light

    How to Balance Ambient and Artificial Light

    Many photographers would say that photography is all about understanding light. Photographers create mood and bring out emotion by manipulating the subtle layering of light and shadow. There are two sources of light underwater photographers have at their disposal—ambient sunlight and electronic artificial light, usually in the form of a strobe (flash). What follows is a discussion of what you …Read More »

  • Horn Sharks

    Horn Sharks

    When most of us think of sharks, we think about large, efficient predators with big teeth. This description, however, is only true of a tiny fraction of the world’s approximately 400 species of shark. Most sharks are small, docile, and have really tiny teeth. These are the anti-sharks, and are actually a joy to watch and photograph. The California native, …Read More »

  • Practical Kelp Diving

    California’s great beds of kelp are the single most important feature that makes diving here so interesting and unique. Throughout California kelp thrives on rocky reefs. In the north the predominant kelp is bull kelp, in the south it is giant kelp or Macrocystis. Both form the foundation for a healthy reef community and provide shelter and food for a …Read More »

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