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  • How to Pack Your Dive Bag

    Packing your dive bag correctly can make your diving more enjoyable and easier. There are three philosophies or combinations thereof. First, pack for easy unpacking at the dive site. Second, pack for maximum protection of the gear. And finally, pack for organization—a place for everything and everything in its place. I recommend that combination of one, two, and three, which …Read More »

  • Developing an Eye for Photos

    Once you’ve gotten the hardware that you need, and you’ve started to experiment with and perhaps even master some of the mechanical aspects of taking a picture, you now need to learn how to take “good” shots. And that means you need to develop your “eye” for photos. You can buy the best equipment in the world, have a thorough …Read More »

  • Luck In Photography

    So now you’ve got all the equipment, you’ve got the knowledge, you’ve been shooting a lot to develop your eye, and now there’s only one ingredient missing. And it’s one that you generally will have absolutely no control over—luck. There’s a great definition that says luck is preparation meeting opportunity. And I believe that to be so, especially when we’re …Read More »

  • Divegear Boat Coat

    Cold. It is a fact of life for California divers. But dealing with it properly with a good fitting thick wetsuit or quality dry suit, and it becomes much less of an issue. Underwater thermal protection, however, is not where it ends. Far too many divers sit on dive boats shivering, unwilling to go in for another dive because they …Read More »

  • Basics of Photo Composition

    Proper exposure and sharp focus are just the beginning of great underwater photos. The elements have to be assembled, sometimes ahead of time in the brain, a visualization. Other times it has to be seen and composed in an instant. There are some basics of a good, even great underwater photo, that if you follow, you are sure to come …Read More »

  • BearSkin Pro-Tech Extreme Semi-Dry Suit

    With a dry suit you stay warm by staying dry—simple. With a wetsuit you are, well, wet. So just what is a “semi-dry” suit anyway? The best way to think of a semi-dry suit is a wetsuit on steroids. First, you need to understand how and why a good wetsuit works to understand why a semi-dry works even better. A …Read More »

  • Mysteries of the Great White Shark

    The largest toothed-shark, the great white shark, is one of the least understood animals in California’s coastal waters. Even though this shark has been intensely studied for decades, and hundreds of divers have had the opportunity to observe this graceful beast, relatively little is known about the shark and its habits. Most of what we do know about white sharks …Read More »

  • Beach Diving Navigation

    When we dive, wandering around the bottom is usually not beneficial and can lead to a boring, pointless underwater excursion. The adage “plan your dive and dive your plan” is not just for safety but also for enjoyment. A plan of where you are going, how long it will take you to get there, how long you will be there, …Read More »

  • Dysfunctional Buddy Systems

    There is no factor in diving more difficult to deal with than the human factor. While most will agree that a buddy is important in diving, many will also agree that the human dive buddy is perhaps the most random element of diving. FOLLOW ME, I AM RIGHT BEHIND YOU Who’s the leader? Does it matter? The follower is sure …Read More »

  • How to Feed Abalone and Make Them Dance

    Abalone have been eaten by humans and disease over the last half century to the point of near extinction in some areas. Fortunately, abalone are still common along some parts of our coast and have even made a slight recovery in others. If you are a hunter, you’ll have to concentrate your efforts north of San Francisco and only during …Read More »

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