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  • L.A. County ADP: Beyond Advanced; You Become an Expert in Southern California Diving

    With summer begins one of the most fascinating and enriching diving courses available. Starting July 10th, students enrolled in the Los Angeles County Advanced Diver Program (ADP) will experience diving in areas ranging from some of the best advanced beaches around to high altitude lakes. Students will, of course, do all the dives that you might guess would be included: …Read More »

  • Sea Quest Fusion BC

    One of the least understood elements in underwater comfort is buoyancy balance. Buoyancy balance is the proper placement on the body elements of buoyancy (the buoyancy compensator or “BC”) and weight (lead). Put in the proper positions, in the right amounts, and the diver can totally relax underwater, not just hanging effortlessly midwater, but doing so in the desired body …Read More »

  • Underwater Self Portraits

    How many times have you wanted a picture of yourself while diving in a beautiful kelp forest, but there is just not a capable or willing underwater photographer around. There is a fun, simple, and effective way of taking your own picture underwater. To take a self-portrait on land, you have the options of either a timed shutter release where …Read More »

  • Action Plus EZ Stretch Wetsuit

    Diving keeps getting easier and easier. The gear gets smoother, streamlined, more high tech and with that, we divers get more and more spoiled. But I like being spoiled—who doesn’t? The latest innovation from Action Plus is their EZ Stretch Suit. The name tells you at a glance one of its best features. It is made of a highly elastic …Read More »

  • Macro Photography with Models

    I have always felt that some of the most effective underwater photos are those with models—other divers in the shot. These shots allow the viewer of the photo to vicariously place themselves in the underwater scene. The emotional connection with the image’s beholder is greater. The vast majority of underwater photos involving models are wide-angle shots. But a more challenging, …Read More »

  • Throw Your Kids to the Sharks then Jump in Yourself

    Parents know what I am talking about. By the end of summer break, you are ready to throw your kids to the sharks or into a cage—or both. And you can! And without going to jail! It will actually be good for them and exciting for you. The shark diving experience on the Aquatica dive boat is unique in that …Read More »

  • 20 Years of CDN

    After twenty years our goals have remained relatively unchanged. As you can see from the “letter from the publisher” scanned directly from our original issue, local diving is and always has been paramount to us. Though we have changed our logo, changed the paper, and gone from manual paste-up to all electronic pre-press, what remains the same is reporting on …Read More »

  • IST T-04 Torch Dive Light

    If you want a powerful dive light go rechargable. Rechargeable batteries are able to give the punch the proper quality bulb needed for real brightness. Problem is most rechargeable dive lights can be expensive. The IST T-04 Torch dive light gives you the power and usefulness of a rechargeable but without the expense. This is an excellent value full-sized rechargeable …Read More »

  • Dive Camera-less to Improve Your Photos

    Digital photography, as great as it is, has turned us into sloppy photographers. With large capacity memory chips, we can shoot and shoot away with little consideration to exposure, framing and composition. More experienced photographers have overcome this tendency with better attention to the above mentioned details. But one important technique still seems to go disregarded—a full appreciation of the …Read More »

  • San Clemente’s Mystery Critter

    When you’ve been diving as long as I have (31 years) you may think you’ve seen it all. Then something happens that proves you’ve just begun to unravel the sea’s mysteries. On an August trip to San Clemente Island, that happened to me. Indeed, it happened to an entire boatload of divers. It was a beautiful, sunny weekend with flat …Read More »

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