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  • Skin Tones and Exposures

    Involving divers in your underwater photography is a big plus. By putting a diver in your photo, the viewer of the photo is able to vicariously put themselves in the underwater scene. The connection is direct and powerful. But putting divers in your underwater photos carries a multitude of challenges. First you have to have a cooperative model. That model …Read More »

  • The Sea’s Thrilling Cetacean Speedster

    What is black and white and lives in the sea and is the fastest of its kind in the world? If you guessed a cetacean (the grouping of animals that includes dolphins and whales), you are right. But if you guessed the famous Orca (or killer whale), you were close, but not quite there. While the above description could in …Read More »

  • How to Approach Animals for Great Underwater Photos

    Good nature photographers are careful observers. Try to study the creatures you encounter when you dive. Watch how your subjects behave. Knowing how a critter acts (and responds to your presence) will help in capturing good images. Observing an animal provides clues on what to show in your photographs and how to position yourself to show it. The best nature …Read More »

  • Sensus Pro

    Okay, I’ll be honest, my wife won this device in a raffle. I was not even sure what it was. After only a few dives, the Sensus Pro is now a very important part of my dive gear bag. And I wear it on every dive. She wants it back, and we’ll be purchasing another one soon. In the simplest …Read More »

  • Underwater Strenuous Activity

    At the last Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup, my son Eric and I were cruising across the bottom picking up the occasional bottle or can when, at 50 feet, we came across an 8-foot long dinghy. Oh, boy! I saw my son’s eyes get real big. Dreams of cleanup glory danced in his head. As he swam toward the sunken boat, …Read More »

  • Winter Diving, Winter Slow-Down

    Winter diving in California can be the best. While storms punctuate the season with periods of unapproachable seas, the lulls in between are often pristine with dazzling clear water. That is why I dive year ’round and you should too. But, alas, many of you do not. Often divers and skiers/snowboarders are the same animal. Those same animals often say …Read More »

  • Basic Speargun Customizing

    As you get better in your spearfishing techniques, or you want to stalk more advance quarry, you will find that your basic speargun may not suit your needs. Or by making minor alterations to your gun you will broaden the spectrum in the ways in can be used, but in terms of hunting situations and conditions and in the type …Read More »

  • Great White Sharks of Guadalupe

    While all diving is enjoyable and memorable, some dives stand out above the rest. We may not agree on which dives should be included among the “pinnacles of diving,” but many will think far off locations. A conspicuous exception to this generalization is the cage diving experience that is offered right here in California. While divers can view great white …Read More »

  • Southern California Abalone: Past, Present and Future

    Although there are additional species, the primary species in Southern California waters are the White, Red, Pink, Green, and Black Abalone. Whites, which at one time were common, are currently on the Federal endangered species list. They are generally found in depths greater than 70 to 80 feet. Reds, the species most closely associated with commercial fisheries of abalone, are …Read More »

  • HydroOptix

    One thing is for sure, show up on the dive boat with one of these masks and you will certainly stand out. You’ll field a lot of questions. What is that? I even had a child ask me if it was underwater night vision! The HydroOptix mask is such a radical departure from the ordinary dive mask it has admittedly …Read More »

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