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  • Divemasters and Lifeguards: Diving Police?

    We all know they are there for our safety, but sometimes it appears as if the goals of divemasters and lifeguards is to take the fun out of diving. “Dive here, not there; stay with your buddy or else; come back with 500 p.s.i. or else.” They poke and twist your dive gear, ask a lot of questions, and want …Read More »

  • Effective Dual-Strobe Lighting Techniques For Macro Photography

    There’s a well-known saying, “Photographers are artists who paint with light.” Effective lighting techniques for photographing people work the same in underwater nature photography. Highlights and shadows show the contours, character and textures of an animal. Sharply angled lighting can create a tactile effect — make it so you can almost feel the animal’s skin. I’m a big fan of …Read More »

  • Lobster Scouting Report: West Palos Verdes

    Gaining much of my diving experience as a young man around the west side of Palos Verdes (PV), I never seemed to lack lobster in my freezer during the fall and winter. Along this stretch of coast, sheer cliffs with sections over 100 feet high plunge to the waters below. Rocky reefs and thick kelp extend offshore. There are pinnacles, …Read More »

  • Olympus Stylus 400 Digital Camera & PT-016 Housing Combo

    A great underwater photography set-up begins with the camera inside the housing. The second step is to have a housing built specially for that camera. Olympus has done just that and accomplished a compact and effective underwater photography rig that is effective, affordable, and easy to use. More importantly, it takes great underwater shots with minimal knowledge in underwater photography. …Read More »

  • Lost at Sea – Hype, Fears, Prevention, and Common Sense

    Being lost at sea as a diver has once again been thrown into the debate pot regarding diving safety. In late April, on a dive trip to a Southern California oil rig, a diver surfaced far from the charter boat and, unable to return to the boat, could not get the attention of the divemaster with a simple whistle. His …Read More »

  • Ocean Master Knight Pro BC

    Buoyancy compensators have been well built for function. And they have been well built for safety. Comfort sometimes, however, seems to take a back seat. Of course function and safety must always be a priority, but when full comfort can also be added, then you have a excellent BC. Enter the Ocean Master Knight Pro BC. Although the Knight Pro …Read More »

  • Fun With Mirrors

    Many of the reef fish in our California seas are territorial or just plain curious. When confronted with their own image in a mirror, they become pugnacious or confrontational, even confused. Prop up a mirror on the reef and watching the ensuing behavior patterns will be at the least, entertaining, but also educational. PRACTICALITIES Do not take a glass mirror …Read More »

  • Skin Tones and Exposures

    Involving divers in your underwater photography is a big plus. By putting a diver in your photo, the viewer of the photo is able to vicariously put themselves in the underwater scene. The connection is direct and powerful. But putting divers in your underwater photos carries a multitude of challenges. First you have to have a cooperative model. That model …Read More »

  • The Sea’s Thrilling Cetacean Speedster

    What is black and white and lives in the sea and is the fastest of its kind in the world? If you guessed a cetacean (the grouping of animals that includes dolphins and whales), you are right. But if you guessed the famous Orca (or killer whale), you were close, but not quite there. While the above description could in …Read More »

  • How to Approach Animals for Great Underwater Photos

    Good nature photographers are careful observers. Try to study the creatures you encounter when you dive. Watch how your subjects behave. Knowing how a critter acts (and responds to your presence) will help in capturing good images. Observing an animal provides clues on what to show in your photographs and how to position yourself to show it. The best nature …Read More »

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