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  • Epoque ES-150 DS and ES-230 DS Auto Strobes

    The Epoque ES-150 DSα and the ES-230 DS Auto underwater strobes can restore the vivid colors that are lost underwater as the sun’s light is filtered. Compact in their design, but powerful in their lighting ability, this pair of underwater strobes can be used with all digital underwater photographic systems. To capture all the magnificent colors that exist underwater, you …Read More »

  • L.A. County Underwater Instructor Certification Course Announces Program Details for 2009

    Looking for a challenge? Then clear your winter schedule for the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department’s 2009 Underwater Instructor Certification Course (UICC). Started in 1954, UICC is the oldest and most respected instructor-training course in scuba today. The current UICC program, the most thorough available in diving, is a 14-week course designed to challenge and prepare candidates to …Read More »

  • New Ownership of Catalina Divers Supply

    Catalina Divers Supply (CDS) has begun operations under new ownership. Roger Urbach and Mike O’Neill became just the 3rd. owners of this 50-year-old business. CDS has been operating on the historic Green Pleasure Pier in Avalon Harbor since 1958. Both Roger Urbach and Mike O’Neill have been passionate divers for the past 30 years. “Having the opportunity to be a …Read More »

  • Public Invited to Add Comments of Marine Protected Areas Process

    The state of California has invited the public to be involved in the planning for the California south coast marine preserves as dictated by the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA). Below is a schedule of upcoming meetings of the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force, Master Plan Science Advisory Team and South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group. All meetings are open to …Read More »

  • Lingcod

    Fish have basically two personality types—those that flit around the reef in a nervous, almost psychotic fashion; and those who are calm, relaxed, and confident. In California waters one of the most relaxed and approachable fish you will encounter is the lingcod. Biologists place lingcod into the Class Actinopterygii, the ray-finned fishes. These are called ray-finned because their fins are …Read More »

  • How to Choose an Instructor That is Right for You

    Let’s say you are in the market for a buoyancy compensator. You’ll want one that is just right for your style of diving. It should fit you just right and be a good value. You even want a particular color accent. But there are so many choices! Do you just walk into a dive store and buy the first BC …Read More »

  • Gentle Encounters with Octopus

    The octopus is the most intelligent of all the invertebrates. It is said that the octopus has the intelligence of a house cat—but I wouldn’t want to insult the octopus. Octopus are fascinating creatures with which to interact underwater. Although close, intimate observation is an experience not to be missed, these are delicate creatures that can be easily damaged even …Read More »

  • How To Survive a Dive With an Underwater Photographer

    While diving with a photographer you need to communicate everything, above the water and below. Nothing makes a photographer buddy crazier than that look on your face that says, “Huh? What do you want me to do.?” Before you get in the water, make sure you discuss what your plan is. You may not know how to take a picture, …Read More »

  • How to Make Time for Diving

    What is the single biggest thing that keeps you from diving more often? Money? Lack of skills? No dive buddy? While these may very well be the factors, odds are the largest deterrent to diving more often is a simple lack of time. Of course, there are things we could do to better organize and streamline our lives to do …Read More »

  • Arrow Gobies – Little Fishes That Dart All Around

    One of the harshest environments anywhere is the intertidal zone. Practically nowhere else on earth is so regularly exposed to such a variety of extreme conditions within such a short period of time. Just think of how it must be for tiny animals to be comfortably basking in cool, clean sea water, then just a few hours later, be stuck …Read More »

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