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  • A Sea Urchin Which Inspires Thoughts of Love

    As a rule, neither sea urchins nor their scientific names are thought of by the average person in terms of anything except pain and suffering. Take, for instance, one of California’s most visible species, the giant red sea urchin. Certainly, it has left extremely unpleasant reminders of its presence with many a diver or beachgoer who have had any of …Read More »

  • Attracting Fish and Manipulating Their Behavior Without Food

    And the controversy over the ethics of fish feeding rages… Florida has now banned fish feeding. Does it artificially alter fish behavior? Does it have a negative impact on the environment? Whatever side you take, it is nice to know that there are ways other than fish feeding to attract and hold the attention of fish. RUBBING ROCKS TOGETHER Many …Read More »

  • Lobster Season: Where Are You Going Opening Night?

    In case you have been living under a rock, lobster season opens Saturday morning, 12:01 a.m., on September 28. (For those of you who have trouble figuring it out, that’s Friday night, September 27.) If you are a true California diver, you should be asking yourself, “What am I doing the opening night of lobster season?”—the same way any red-blooded …Read More »

  • Errors in Composition and How to Correct Them

    In becoming a good underwater photographer, your first hurtle to overcome is technical. You’ll want to first get your subject properly exposed and in focus. After that, composition is the next challenge. Composition is a bit more difficult because it is a creative process. And at the same time you’re trying to compose your shots in effective ways, you don’t …Read More »

  • WaterGlide Wetsuit Lubricant

    WaterGlide™ is a skin lubricant designed specifically to aid the donning and removal of all types of wet suits, dry suits, and associated accessories. It prolongs the usable life of neoprene, latex, other synthetic and natural rubber and reduces chafing, abrasion and uncomfortable rashes on your skin. It works when suits are both dry and wet and helps shun debris …Read More »

  • The Joys of Point and Shoot Digital Underwater

    The Joys of Point and Shoot Digital Underwater

    I’d have no photos at all if my expensive digital SLR malfunctioned during a trip to Alaska last year so I bought a tiny point and shoot digital camera. It was only to be used as a backup for surface shots until I discovered it had an underwater setting and an optional underwater housing. I was intrigued. The camera was …Read More »

  • Little Known Lobster Facts

    It is that time of year again when the underwater hunters come out of the woodwork beating their chest and weaving great stories and yarns about fantastic exploits of lobster hunting. While you may not be the greatest lobster hunter, you can certainly impress your buddies with some obscure facts about the wily crustaceans. Want to impress your friends with …Read More »

  • Better Boat Diving

    Every week dozens of these vessels from Monterey to San Diego head out taking divers to explore beautiful California waters. If you have not already done so, it is time to book a trip on one of these fun boats. Below are a few tips to making your California dive-charter boat experience one of maximum enjoyment. SIGN UP CORRECTLY The …Read More »

  • JMJ Custom Westsuit Review

    I will be the first to admit it; I am a cold-water wimp. It’s not entirely my fault. I don’t have a body that retains heat and off-the-rack wetsuits tend to not fit me. In fact, on my certification checkout dive, I was wearing a rental wetsuit and the instructor stopped the dive because I could not stop shivering. A …Read More »

  • Practical Underwater Navigation From A Boat

    Practical Underwater Navigation From A Boat

    Underwater navigation is one of the most underappreciated of all diving skills. During open water classes, students are taught basic compass skills. Later, these skills are enhanced in advanced and specialty classes where students are taught to estimate distances and navigate a geometric pattern. While proficiency with a compass can be quite handy while navigating under a thick bed of …Read More »

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