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  • Photograph Giant Sea Bass

    In the year 2000, I had the good fortune to make over 25 dives with one of the largest fish found off our Southern California coast, the giant sea bass. This wouldn’t have been much to write about 40 years ago, but today, after years of overfishing by commercial and private fishermen, and being a much sought-after trophy by many …Read More »

  • To Hunt or Not to Hunt? Deciding for Yourself

    Like it or not, underwater hunting, the act of taking seafood underwater for personal consumption, is still quite legal in this state, widely practiced and, in this writer’s opinion, a very legitimate activity. Clearly, however, mankind has overharvested widely in most, if not all, areas of the sea. Most say, rightfully so, that the commercial harvesters are to blame but …Read More »

  • Harvest Refugia Needed Now

    After diving California waters for nearly three decades I am amazed how resilient our local oceans can be. Humans and nature deliver blow after blow and she comes back, often quite strong. The recent El Niño is an example. A few years ago it was difficult to find any kelp beds on the south coast; now they are thick and …Read More »

  • Senate Bill 1: Rigs to Reefs – Preserving California?s Thriving Artificial Reefs

    With many of California’s 27 offshore oil and gas platforms approaching decommissioning, much more is at stake than which landfill will hold the scraps from these massive structures. Californians should be very concerned about the thriving artificial reef ecosystems these platforms support and the many species of fish—including the threatened Boccacio— that call them home. A legislative proposal currently under …Read More »

  • Interacting with Sea Lions

    Diving California even just a few times and odds are you will have an exciting underwater encounter with a sea lion. Underwater, these animals are very fast moving, precocious, and prone to mischief. They will zoom in right at your face, sometimes blowing bubbles, roaring all the way. It is all at the same time frightening, exhilarating, and fun. Such …Read More »

  • Beginning Spearfishing

    If you enjoy a good piece of fish from your local seafood restaurant or store, you’ll love spearing your own fish. The taste can get no better as the fish is the absolute freshest. You get the fun of being underwater, and believe it or not, spearfishing is one of the more environmentally friendly ways to harvest from the sea. …Read More »

  • Snorkels: How They Work, How They Work Best

    Along with the mask, it was the first piece of dive gear invented. The snorkel allowed the user to breath underwater (albeit only a few inches) and take in the grandeur of the underwater world. BASIC PRINCIPLE At its most basic level, the snorkel is simply a tube that allows you to breath surface air with your body partially submerged. …Read More »

  • If It’s Tuesday, this Must Be Santa Cruz Island, Right?

    What we have here in Southern California is a total of eight Channel Islands (a southern group of four and a northern chain of four). This is not to mention a handful of beautiful islands just south of the border. There are hundreds, if not thousands of dive sites to explore. Wrecks, reefs, pinnacles, walls—it’s all here. We also have …Read More »

  • Chartering Your Own Boat

    To go boat diving, your choices have long been perceived as either buying your own boat or tagging along with a group, either with a club, dive store, or open boat that charters the larger commercial dive boats. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Owning your own boat is the ultimate freedom, diving when, where and how you want. …Read More »

  • Myths, Misconceptions and Truths about Seasickness

    First, let me say straight out that this is not a scientific article, based on any extensive research. It is, rather, based on nearly 30 years of going to sea, watching people get seasick, and getting seasick myself. I have read most of the articles on how to prevent seasickness and frankly, a lot of them have it wrong, or …Read More »

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