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  • Successful Wide-Angle Photography on Oil Platforms

    Besides being one of Southern California’s best dive sites for creating stunning underwater macro images, diving oil platforms are also an underwater photographer’s paradise for capturing equally incredible wide-angle photographs. Unlike macro photography, where great visibility is not always necessary and, therefore, can be shot all year-round, I have found greater success shooting wide angle at oil platforms in the …Read More »

  • Beach Towels

    Have you ever been to a beach in the summer that is completely lined with towels? Everywhere you look, there is another such towel, or related object? Furthermore, sometimes after a storm, there appears what seems to be an abundance of tattered strips of terry cloth, with others all faded. This is depending, of course, on the species. Species? Yes, …Read More »

  • Easy Ways to Stay Warm

    Has the water been just a bit too chilly for you lately? The ultimate way to stay warm is with a good quality dry suit or a custom made wetsuit with superior materials and the right configuration. But maybe you already have a good wetsuit or you just need to take the edge off the chill. There are things you …Read More »

  • Catalina at the Marine Crossroads

    At the present time an extraordinary process is happening which will forever alter the marine landscape of California’s waters. In response to a legislative mandate, a team of scientists and Department of Fish and Game managers are selecting and mapping out a series of Marine Protected Areas (“MPA”) with a goal of ensuring the preservation of our marine heritage. The …Read More »

  • Confessions of a Lobstaholic

    Hi. My name is Dana. I am a lobstaholic. I realize now that I have been one since October 1987. The pursuit and capture of lobsters has become an obsession and perhaps a psychological dependency. Friends tried to tell me that this might happen, but I would not listen. I thought it could not happen to me. It all began …Read More »

  • California’s Changing Abalone Regulations-The Science Behind The Law

    In California abalone is big business. In 1957 the yearly commercial abalone harvest peaked at 5 million pounds, and dropped to around 300,000 pounds annually in the mid 1990s. Sport harvesters in Northern California currently take some 2 million pounds of abalone per year, and spend an estimated $10 million to do so. With the closure of commercial take in …Read More »

  • Seahorse Cases with Distinctive Color and Pattern Finishes

    Seahorse Cases with Distinctive Color and Pattern Finishes

    Seahorse, manufacturer of high quality, certified watertight, airtight, dust-proof, crushproof carrying cases has announced a line of their famous cases in distinctive, colorful finishes including Camouflage, exotic Red, Blue and Black brushed aluminum, colorful Seawater Blue wet-look, Grey carbon-fiber and Black carbon-fiber. Seahorse cases come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For more information on Seahorse cases, visit …Read More »

  • NiteRider DeepStar LED Aluminum Canister Light

    New to the NiteRider line of dive lights is the DeepStar LED Elite. Using the latest hi-wattage LEDs combined with a digital controller, NiteRider has developed a new line of LED lights that are incredibly bright. The rechargeable Li-Ion Battery produces a high beam for 4+ hours and 50 percent low beam for 8 hours. The magnetic switch on the …Read More »

  • YourTankTag has launched a new line of unique nametags for scuba gear. These versatile tags, personalized with a diver’s name, initials, or nickname, make identifying your gear a snap. On a crowded dive boat or beach, dive gear often looks the same. The majority of buoyancy compensators (BCs) and wetsuits are manufactured in black, grey or blue colors, making it …Read More »

  • What To Do Between Dives

    What To Do Between Dives

    During a day of diving two, three, or even four dives, you still will spend a great deal of time on the deck of a boat waiting for an air fill, a boat move, or just trying to get in a decent surface interval. How you spend that time can impact the enjoyment of your dive trip. Below are a …Read More »

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