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  • High Adventure at the High Spot ? Chance Encounter with a Great White Shark

    My wife doesn’t want me to dive anymore just because I had the good(?) fortune of bumping into a creature with the capacity to devour me. I then made the mistake of telling her the story. I should learn to keep my mouth shut. I had been invited by my dive buddies Rick and Rich to accompany them on Rick’s …Read More »

  • Joy of Winter Diving

    About this time of year the weather begins to cool, people begin to think about football and skiing, and many put away their dive gear to gather dust until next spring. Okay, maybe I like to swim upstream, but I love winter diving. It’s not that I dislike football or skiing, but I really like winter diving. Why you ask? …Read More »

  • Night Diving with a Buddy

    I like diving with a buddy, not just for the safety aspects but for the shared experiences. Also, with a second set of eyes, I see more on dive with a buddy. But the one situation that seems to create an excess of dive buddy problems is night diving. Separation is a common problem, and more dangerous at night. Or …Read More »

  • Diving Tricky Currents

    Knowing how to dive in currents is an important skill and should be taught in any basic scuba class. The most basic principle of current diving is to start your dive heading up current, returning with the current. Another important principle of current diving is the use of a trailing line with a float for use should you overshoot the …Read More »

  • Getting the Most Out of the Avalon Underwater Cleanup

    The Avalon Underwater Cleanup is the granddaddy of them all. It is the oldest of its kind, now in its 21st year. This year the event takes place on Saturday, February 24. But what makes this underwater cleanup special is more than just its age. More divers participate in this underwater cleanup on a consistent basis than any other event …Read More »

  • An Underwater Photographer’s Notebook

    I learned underwater photography in a very strange way: on the job training. My very first underwater photo was taken as a paid professional. At the time I was working as a commercial diver. My company was getting a lot of inspection work but had only one photographer. They needed another and the most important qualification was to be able …Read More »

  • Cul-de-Sac Snails

    Snails, as a rule, grow up in a rather predictable pattern. As soon as they form their shells, they spend the rest of their development growing bigger and expanding these shells—but these shells just go round and round in circles. There are a few notable exceptions, such as cowries and tube snails, but in general, even these retain some sort …Read More »

  • Your Brain as a Primary Piece of Diving Equipment

    Your Brain as a Primary Piece of Diving Equipment

    It seems that in the past year we have been plagued by a rash of diving deaths, the most recent being the death of a very experienced research diver (over 3000 dives) on the wreck of the El Rey in San Diego the first weekend of the new year. During the past twelve months we have heard of divers who …Read More »

  • Sex on the Beach – Experiencing a Grunion Run, First Hand

    To the uninitiated, a grunion run can be considered the marine equivalent of a snipe hunt. Send some sucker out to a deserted beach in the middle of the night and tell him to wait for high tide when thousands of fish will magically appear on the beach. Yeah, right! Except that, in the case of the grunion, it’s true! …Read More »

  • One of the Cutest Fishes Found All Around the World

    Almost everybody would call snipefishes cute. Perhaps a major reason for this is that the approximately one dozen species of this family Macrorhamphosidae all have big noses. Technically called “snouts,” these protruberances can be as much as a third of the fishes’ entire body lengths and are usually tube shaped. And way at the far end of these snouts are …Read More »

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