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  • California Marine Life Protection Act Dives into Southern California

    California’s divers are the “eyes and ears” under the water, providing critical insight on the status of California’s near shore marine resources. Your intimate relationship with the ocean makes you an invaluable asset for successful implementation of the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative! First, a bit of history. In 1999, the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) was passed, requiring California …Read More »

  • California Wreck Divers Annual Banquet

    Veteran shipwreck explorer Patrick Clyne will be the guest speaker at the California Wreck Divers Annual Banquet to be held March 7, 2009, in El Segundo, California. Pat Clyne was the Executive Vice President and actively involved in all of the various Mel Fisher enterprises for over 35 years, including the recovery projects of the Spanish galleons Atocha and Santa …Read More »

  • 28th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup

    The 28th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup will be held on Saturday, February 21, 2009. Once a year the Avalon Harbor Department permits diving in Avalon Harbor—the Avalon Underwater Cleanup. This event, which is steeped in over a quarter century of tradition, brings together over 500 divers from California and other western states, as well as many foreign countries. In …Read More »

  • Whale Fiesta

    Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (CMA) will celebrate the 39th anniversary of the annual Whale Fiesta on Sunday, January 25, 2009, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For the past 38 years, this fun-filled family event, co-sponsored by Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Cetacean Society, has been held to celebrate marine mammals, and the beginning of the …Read More »

  • Diving the Far Pacific: A Taste of Chuuk (Truk) and Palau DVD

    Diving the Far Pacific: A Taste of Chuuk (Truk) and Palau DVD

    Diving the Far Pacific: A Taste of Chuuk (Truk) and Palau is the latest DVD video from Hammerhead Video. The program takes you on a tropical adventure to dive the wrecks of Chuuk and the reefs of Palau. These are two of the most exciting dive destinations in the world. In Chuuk Lagoon you’ll see ships, planes, tanks, torpedoes, gas …Read More »

  • What is a ‘Dive Club?’

    Hang around the diving scene long enough and sooner or later you will be invited to a dive club. Is belonging to a dive club really worth your while? Yes. If you dive any more than a couple times a year, you will benefit by belonging to a dive club. Consider some of the benefits: MENTORING This is perhaps the …Read More »

  • A Nudibranch In The Pink

    California has such a rich variety of bright, colorful nudibranchs, and as a consequence, many divers have a pretty good grasp of the major groupings of these sea creatures. The basic “seat-of-the-[wetsuit]-pants” generalization is that there are two forms of nudibranchs (or “suborders” in more scientific jargon)—the dorids, which are the sluggy-looking sea slugs, flattened from top to bottom, and …Read More »

  • Snorkel Savvy

    Some time ago I was on a dive boat where the current had shifted 180 degrees. Fortunately, it had gone from strong to only moderate, but it left a fair amount of divers stuck downcurrent with a long snorkel back to the boat as the only alternative. A handful of divers returned to the boat huffing, puffing, coughing and sputtering …Read More »

  • Hunting Gifts

    When it comes to holiday gifts to and from divers, dive gear can be tough.First, few items are below one-hundred dollars, even fewer under fifty dollars. Many items have to fit just right, or with divers, being the way they are, the item has to be just the right model, make AND color. No wonder it’s so tough. But there …Read More »

  • How to Photograph Little Fish

    The quest for the ultimate fish portrait is the quest for the ultimate brain-damaged subject. I’ll define brain-damaged in this context as those subjects who are, for some strange reason, not afraid of you or your camera and may even take an interest in you. This is an unusual situation, since fish do not get to be old by being …Read More »

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