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  • Force Fin Wings

    Force Fin Wings

    Force Fins has added new “wings” accessories for several models of its popular fins, the Diamond Clear Whiskers and Sharks’ Teeth. With a hardness rating of Durometer 78, shore hardness D, the Diamond Clear material feels as rigid as steel yet the material is 95 percent clear. Additional new crystal colors include Clear (Diamond Clear), Amber Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Smoke …Read More »

  • NOAA Grants Endangered Species Status to Black Abalone

    NOAA Grants Endangered Species Status to Black Abalone

    NOAA’s Fisheries Service today determined black abalone, an edible marine mollusk, should be listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The ruling took effect on February 13, and comes one year after the fisheries service proposed to list the species. Once harvested for food, black abalone were plentiful in intertidal waters along the Pacific coast. The species was harvested …Read More »

  • Wolf-Eels: When is an eel, not an eel?

    Wolf-Eels: When is an eel, not an eel?

    I descended down a sheer granite wall, following a narrow, but ever widening crack. The crack was full of life and the critters I discovered became increasing larger as I neared the bottom. At the widest point I flashed my light back into the darkness, and one of the most hideous faces in the ocean stared back at me, a …Read More »

  • Deadly Abandoned Net Removed by Volunteer Divers

    Deadly Abandoned Net Removed by Volunteer Divers

    On January 10 and 11, 2009 a group of expertly trained volunteer scuba divers led by the Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) removed much of a large derelict fishing net sunk off Catalina Island, that was responsible for the death of dozens of protected marine mammals. If left in the ocean, many more animals would have suffered the same fate. The …Read More »

  • Kudos on New CDN Website

    Hi Dale, Nice website. It is a vast amount of info. It must have taken a long time to get it all together to roll out. It looks great. Mike BartickMarine Wildlife photographywww.saltwaterphoto.comRead More »

  • Sustainable Seafood Day at AOP

    The Aquarium of the Pacific invites the public to learn how to help our oceans one bite at a time at its fifth annual Sustainable Seafood Day. Learn all about cooking environmentally friendly seafood dishes and how your seafood consumption choices can help save our seas. Enjoy sustainable seafood tastings in the Aquarium’s Great Hall, watch as local chefs do …Read More »

  • DUI DOG Rally and Demo Day

    The DUI DOG Rally and Demo Days is your opportunity to try on and actually dive in Diving Unlimited International drysuits, divewear insulation, Weight & Trim Systems and more. This is an educational and informative event, and you will not be asked to purchase any equipment. All participants will receive a free commemorative DUI Test Diver hat. Also included is …Read More »

  • Diver?s Day at Aquarium of the Pacific

    Learn all about the history and recent advancements in diving at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s seventh annual Divers Day. The Aquarium will feature displays of both vintage and modern gear, educational presentations, live dive demonstrations, and more. The Aquarium will also host a large range of organizations that are related to the sport and science of diving. The diving …Read More »

  • Seasoft Dry Roller

    Seasoft Dry Roller

    The new Seasoft Dry Roller dry bag weighs less than eight pounds and is designed to hold all your gear. Put your regulator setup into the removable regulator bag and take it on the plane with you.  When you arrive you simply reattach the regulator bag and you are on your way with the heavy-duty wheels providing the support. The …Read More »

  • Big Squirts That Swim the Sea

    Imagine one day that you are casually diving, just snooping around to see what sort of interesting critters are down there. But then you sense that there is something else down there that you were not expecting at all. And that “something else” is cylindrically shaped and BIG! Really big, over twice as big as you are! Don’t panic. While …Read More »

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