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  • Announces New Ways for Divers to Connect Online

    Scuba Divers are social creatures who are passionate about life and eager to share their experiences with others. That’s why has expanded their free Diver Webpage community to make it easier for divers to connect online. There are currently over 500 divers participating from 40 countries with close to 1,000 scuba diving photos and over 250 dive slate …Read More »

  • Sal Zammitti to receive the California Scuba Service Award

    The recipient of the 2009 California Scuba Service Award is Sal Zammitti, owner of the Bay Area Bamboo Reef Dive stores. This award was established in 1989 by Saint Brendan Corp. (parent company of California Diving News and the SCUBA Show) to recognize those who have made significant and long lasting contributions to the California diving community. Sal was certified …Read More »

  • Diving Physics with Bubble Mechanics and Decompression Theory in Depth

    Diving Physics with Bubble Mechanics and Decompression Theory in Depth focuses on physics and associated mathematical relationships to diving. Basic principles are first presented, and then practical applications and results are detailed. This book covers basic physics, gas laws, mixed gases and decompression, deep stops, decompression strategies and theory, recreational and technical RGBM Air & Nitrox Tables, computing and decompression …Read More »

  • Aquastar Dive Light Review

    In a fully lit room while silent, using just your finger, try pointing out an object about the size of quarter to your friend from across the room. See if they can spot it. Now try doing the same with an ordinary compact dive light. Easier, yes, but still difficult, especially if that small object thing worthy of your attention …Read More »

  • Avalon Underwater Cleanup a Success

    The sun struggled to break through the clouds as 400 divers hit the water February 21 for the 28th annual Avalon Underwater Cleanup. The event not only scours trash from the Avalon Harbor area but also serves as a fund-raiser for both the Catalina Conservancy Divers and the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Remembering the abysmal conditions from 2008, divers were very …Read More »

  • Oceanic Wilderness

    Oceanic Wilderness

    The book is Oceanic Wilderness, but it might just as fittingly have been titled Pictures From Paradise, for that is exactly what it presents in such splendid profusion. Roger Steene is an accomplished diver and underwater photographer who has traveled the globe using his skill and artistry to capture images of the splendid creatures that live beneath the sea. The …Read More »

  • Practical Abalone Hunting

    Northern California divers are indeed fortunate to have one of the ocean’s tastiest treats so close to home–the red abalone. These mollusks are abundant in our state’s northern waters and, with a little bit of knowledge, they are easy to harvest and make a mighty fine meal. What follows are a few practical tips to prepare for your dive, collect, …Read More »

  • Northwest Dive & Travel Expo

    The second annual Northwest Dive & Travel Expo held in Tacoma, Washington April 25-26, 2009 will be a weekend that focuses on everything underwater. Meet dive shop owners and manufacturers, resort owners, dive travel managers and touch the latest in new products from leading manufacturers who produce the world’s best dive equipment. Divers will plunge for prizes at Owen Beach …Read More »

  • Chamber Day/Evening

    Registration is now underway for the annual Chamber Day and Chamber Eve, which will be held on Wednesday, May 6. This year, divers will help celebrate the Chamber’s 35th birthday (which will actually be in October). There’s even a chance to sponsor candles on the Chamber’s birthday cake. The event is the largest single-day scuba charity event in the United …Read More »

  • Gala At Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

    FRIENDS of Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (FCMA) will host the annual Grand Grunion Gala on Saturday evening, May 16, 2009 at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (CMA), located at 3720 Stephen M. White Drive, San Pedro, CA. More than 450 guests including business and community leaders, scientists, public officials, and educators will attend the black-tie affair. The non-profit’s largest fundraiser benefits the Aquarium’s …Read More »

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