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  • Aqua Pencil, Tether and Slate

    Aqua Pencil, Tether and Slate

    Xit 404 is introducing the Aqua Pencil, Tether, and Slate to the diving public. Designed by scuba divers who believe golf pencils need to stay on the greens, the Aqua Pencil will not rust, swell, nor fail to write. It has replaceable lead and stylish design. Aqua Pencil is a simple mechanism that feeds graphite as you need it by …Read More »

  • L.A. County Scuba Launches New Website

    L.A. County scuba has launched a new website, The site content is loaded with both historical and current information on Los Angeles County underwater programs. L.A. County scuba instructors can be listed on the “Find an Instructor” page to promote their courses and receive their own email address. Video clips, articles, photos and calendar of events are just …Read More »

  • Marine Artist Dunleavy Releases New Art

    River’s Edge is a new release from world famous artist David Dunleavy. Limited edition Giclee prints are now available of this fine art that is inspired by Florida manatees below the surface and Florida’s life style above. Limited editions prints are available in a Mutoh Giclee Pigmented Ink’s on canvas with a triple Larson Juhl frame. Gallery Wrapped Giclees are …Read More »

  • Dr. Egstrom Praises Mantaray Fin

    Dr. Glen Egstrom, Professor (Emeritus) in the Physiological Sciences Department at UCLA, credited with developing the first extensive recreational fin study and testing program beginning in 1965, says, “The light weight and performance versatility of the Mantaray Fin will provide discriminating divers with an innovative tool that is effective under a variety of diving conditions. Well done!” Dr. Egstrom, an …Read More »

  • Lobster Molting Images Found

    In the March issue of California Diving News, the question was asked if anyone had footage or photos of a lobster molting. Mark of Vacaville, CA passed on this information: The ‘IMAX’ DVD Into the Deep shows the molting. I must say the first time I saw it, I found it unsettling. Kind of like a real life Aliens movie. …Read More »

  • Roddenberry Dive Team

    “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” The immortal words echoed in the opening to Gene Roddenberry’s infamous Star Trek.  Forty years later, Gene’s only son is using his father’s philosophy to help encourage others to explore the mysteries and preserve the beauty of our oceans. Rod Roddenberry has merged the adventurous ideas and philanthropic messages of Star …Read More »

  • Angry Over Secret Site Revealed

    Hey all: There was recently posted a dive site in your magazine by a ‘Mike Bear’ that showed explicit directions to what was an otherwise unknown destination to those of us that dive it locally. Not normally a big deal; everybody finds each other’s sites eventually. However, this site, visited enough, is going to destroy it within a couple of …Read More »

  • Wyland Ocean Mural at Long Beach Convention Center Gets Fresh Paint

    As part of the Wyland Foundation’s mission to inspire the ongoing conservation of our world’s water habitats, the Foundation, in partnership with the City of Long Beach, has restored the landmark ocean-themed mural, entitled Ocean Planet, on the Long Beach Arena, part of the Long Beach Convention Center complex. The mural was named the world’s largest by the 1993 Guinness …Read More »

  • L.A. County Advanced Diver Program

    Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation has announced dates for the 2009 Advanced Diver Program (ADP). Beginning July 11, local divers can take part in this wholly unique diving program that is designed specifically with California divers in mind. Participants will be exposed to the skills that will create a more confident and well-informed diver in a practical …Read More »

  • Octopus Encounter

    Octopus Encounter

    I’ve always found the octopus to be a great subject to videotape. They can be quite charming and elusive. I’ve been guilty, as many divers are, of just plan harassing the poor cephalopod instead of the gentle approach. When I’ve seen them in the open, I would rush to get a shot, just to have them scurry away. Sometimes this …Read More »

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