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  • The North Central Marine Life Protection Act – Impact on Abalone Divers

    The North Central Marine Life Protection Act – Impact on Abalone Divers

    On April 1st the adopted Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) areas in the North Central Region are scheduled to take effect. This follows the creation of protected areas in Central California in 2007. California abalone season also opens April 1st, and it is timely to consider the impact of this legislation on abalone hunting in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties where …Read More »

  • Free Scuba Refresher Courses Offered at

    Beginning April 10th, 2010, will be hosting free Scuba Refresher Courses, for all levels of certified divers. Whatever certification agency you completed your open water training with or whatever your current certification level is, the Scuba Review program is a great way to refresh your diving knowledge and skills. Some of the topics to be covered include: Safe diving …Read More »

  • KelpFest

    This event will celebrate giant kelp forests and their return to Orange County after being mostly gone for more than 25 years. The restoration efforts of thousands of people have restored this precious habitat for the more than 800 species that rely on them. The event will include a live underwater kelp forest presentation, art activities for kids, a community …Read More »

  • Chamber Day 2010

    Registration is now underway for the 22nd annual Chamber Day (to be held on Wednesday, May 5th this year). Chamber Day is a fund-raiser for the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, and is the largest single-day scuba charity event in the United States. The Catalina Chamber is dedicated strictly to the treatment of diving accidents on a continual basis. Having the chamber …Read More »

  • Del Monte Beach Underwater Cleanup

    Dream Divers Club, along with their sponsor Aquatic Dreams Dive Center, will be holding their annual event Dive In Earth Day. This year it will be held at Del Monte Beach Monterey, on April 17th. In order to accommodate all comers, early sign-ups are requested. For a registration form go to on the internet. A program for shoreline cleanup …Read More »

  • How a Dive Site Can Be Taken Away

    Here is how a major dive site can be lost to divers and the public. You may believe your right to access the ocean is guaranteed by the state constitution and the Coastal Act but read on. Most common information about Children’s Pool is wrong. There was no beach until a sea wall was built in 1931, to make a …Read More »

  • Diving with Seahorses–Am I California Dreaming?

    After diving for 2½ hours underwater in the murky Mission Bay in San Diego, I am starting to have doubts that there are any seahorses here. All that I’ve seen is algae, stingrays, and more algae. Checking my air gauge, it’s getting low and I decide that I have to get back to shore. Just before the water is shallow …Read More »

  • AB 634 Passes Assembly; Artificial Reefs Closer to Reality in California

    The California State Assembly has approved the passage of AB 634, helping to lay the groundwork for artificial reefing on the state’s coastline. The bill passed without a single negative vote, announced California Ships to Reefs, sponsor of the bill. It is now in the State Senate, where it will be assigned to a committee for hearing. AB 634 protects …Read More »

  • Improve Your Photography: Colored Strobe Light Reveals Hidden Color

    Improve Your Photography: Colored Strobe Light Reveals Hidden Color

    Photography is all about seeing light — effectively using the subtle combination of color and shadow to bring out personality and evoking emotion. While most lighting technique is obvious once you think about it, there is another side to light that is both beautiful and non-intuitive. When white light from the sun or strobe strikes a subject, the light is …Read More »

  • Dive Boat Review: Peace

    Dive Boat Review: Peace

    I have dived the Peace a great deal over the past couple of decades and have gained a lot of fun memories. To this day she remains one of my favorite boats. she is a comfortable boat that is easy to dive, the crew has always been fantastic, And then there is the great HOT TUB! Most of the world’s …Read More »

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