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  • Bigblue TL-9 LED Technical Light

    The TL-9 LED light is one of the latest editions to the popular Bigblue dive light series and is designed to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding technical divers. Using nine LEDs the TL-9 can blast out an impressive 1800 lumens, perfect for deep diving, wreck penetration, cave exploration or just putting a lot of quality light right …Read More »

  • Shark ID Questioned: The Response from the Photographer

     Hi,   I haven’t yet seen the CaliforniaDiving News with my photo of what I believed to be a soupfin shark, but I’mtold the identity is up for debate. Here are some other photos to continue yourcomparison, and I also posted a video clip to get another look.   To me, the eye was too small and the caudal fin …Read More »

  • Dive Boat Review: Raptor

    Dive Boat Review: Raptor

    We are a society that seems to be always seeking immediate gratification. Unfortunately, diving usually does not offer that, but with the operation of the dive charter boat Raptor it comes pretty close. Based in Ventura, the easternmost portion of the Channel Islands are just a short distance away for the Raptor. With the Raptor’s speed, sections of Anacapa Island …Read More »

  • Underwater Press Conference Marks 10th Anniversary of Yukon Sinking

    Underwater Press Conference Marks 10th Anniversary of Yukon Sinking

    As an ambitious artificial reef project, the HCMS Yukon was sunk in 2000 off Mission Beach in San Diego. The 366-foot Canadian destroyer has gone on to be a prolific site attracting not just a huge amount of marine life but also thousands of divers that have visited and enjoyed the popular dive location over the last 10 years. Commemorating …Read More »

  • How to Photography Bat Rays

    Coming across a bat ray or two on your dive is an exciting underwater event. They are such interesting creatures with strange faces and a unique way of propelling their way through the water that is more akin to flying than swimming. While I often find them motionless on the bottom, they can be difficult to approach and photograph because …Read More »

  • Nor-Cal 2010 Diving Conference — September 25

    Sponsored by All About Scuba dive shop in Fairfield, the First Annual Nor-Cal Diving Conference is a one-day event intended to bring the diving public into closer contact with experts in the field. A number of speakers will be giving in-depth presentations of dive gear, free-diving, artificial reefing with ships, computers, and rebreathers. Representatives will be present from TUSA, Waterproof, …Read More »

  • San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition — September 17 and 18

    Two extraordinary evenings of undersea videos will highlight the 11th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, which will be held at Qualcomm Hall’s big screen auditorium in San Diego on Friday and Saturday evenings, September 17 and 18th, 2010. Utilizing a state of the art digital projection system, it promises to be an exciting showcase of digital videos, most of …Read More »

  • White Shark Warning Issued for Santa Barbara Island

    Officials at the Channel Islands National Park have issued the following warning: “Great white sharks have been observed in this area attacking California sea lions. There have been no shark attacks on humans. There have been three attacks on California sea lions by great white sharks in the past few months including one at the Santa Barbara Island Landing Cove …Read More »

  • Online Learning of Underwater Photography and Image Editing Now Available

    Now it’s fast and easy to learn underwater photography and image editing 24/7 at your own pace and in the convenience of your own home. The new website created by photo pros Jack and Sue Drafahl is a unique subscription service offering easy and convenient online underwater photography instruction, as well as tutorials in the use of Adobe Photoshop, …Read More »

  • Wardens Step Up Efforts to Stop Abalone Poachers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties

    California game wardens are waging an abalone anti-poaching effort with the aid of prosecutors from Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Poaching, in combination with a significant increase of lawful abalone harvest in both counties, is placing more pressure on the resource than ever.  “Despite our cooperative efforts, the abalone resource is struggling,” said Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Law Enforcement …Read More »

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