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  • Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept. Search and Rescue — Dive Team 2011 Underwater Academy

    The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Underwater Search and Rescue Team is seeking qualified SCUBA divers who are skilled and reliable and willing to volunteer their time, resources, and efforts in a commitment to their community. Prospective candidates must attend the orientation session for the Underwater Academy on Friday evening, February 25 at 7:00 PM at the Sheriff’s Academy, located at …Read More »

  • Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup — February 26

    The 30th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup will be held on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Once a year the Avalon Harbor Department permits diving in Avalon Harbor for the Avalon Underwater Cleanup. This event, which is steeped in over a quarter century of tradition, brings together over 400 divers from California and other western states, as well as many foreign …Read More »

  • How to Photograph Blue and Mako Sharks

    How to Photograph Blue and Mako Sharks

    While you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a naturally inquisitive blue or mako shark on the edge of one of California’s lush kelp forests, your best bet is to head out to blue water where the continental shelf steepens before plunging into the deep Pacific. The days of diving into a writhing ball of pelagic predators may be …Read More »

  • How to Photograph Gorgonian Sea Fans

    How to Photograph Gorgonian Sea Fans

    In Southern California waters we are blessed with temperate waters that encourage the growth of gorgonian sea fans. While they grow in branches that reach out from the reef, they are actually not a plant but rather a tightly grouped colony of tiny simple animals knows as polyps. The animals are a member of the Phylum Cnidaria animal group that …Read More »

  • Know Your Nudibranchs

    Know Your Nudibranchs

    If there was a contest for the brightest, most intricate, or most ostentatious critter in California waters, the animals we call nudibranchs have got to be at the top of the list. As a group they show off the most vivid colors, and are adorned with intricate gill plumage that would arouse jealousy of the most ornate tropical bird. Yet …Read More »

  • Give Nitrogen the One, Two, Three Knock-Out Punch

    Dramatically reducing your risk of decompression sickness could be simple as one, two, three.  ONE: If your dive is 80 feet or deeper, take a ONE-minute “deep stop” at half your maximum diving depth. This is now becoming such a heavily accepted diving practice that it is built into some newer model dive computers.  TWO: We are all taught in …Read More »

  • Dive Boat Etiquette

    Fortunately, I have been doing a lot of California Channel Islands boat diving lately and enjoying it immensely. Not only am I involved in my journalistic activities onboard, I have also have been doing a lot of observations of people’s behavior on dive boats. For the most part, California divers are a very skilled and courteous bunch. On a recent …Read More »

  • Better Fish Portraits

    Better Fish Portraits

    The first step to good fish portraits is finding the subject. Sand and rocky reefs attract different types of fish. Why not get the best of both worlds? Choose a spot where sand meets rock. A low ridge with some kelp is a good sign that there may be fish nearby. It is time to quit searching and allow the …Read More »

  • Domoic Acid Advisory Issued for Consumers of Lobsters and Rock Crabs

    The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is warning all consumers of California spiny lobster to eat only the tail meat until further notice. Elevated levels of domoic acid toxin have been found in the viscera of lobster sampled from waters adjacent to the northern Channel Islands. Elevated levels of the toxin have also been detected in recent samples …Read More »

  • IST B-006 Roller Gear Bag

    California divers need a bag that is both light in weight for travel and yet large in capacity and sturdy enough for the demands of California diving. IST has stepped up to meet these demands in the their new B-006 Roller Gear Bag.  This is a large capacity dive bag intended to hold a full set of gear for the …Read More »

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