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  • San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition — September 17 and 18

    Two extraordinary evenings of undersea videos will highlight the 11th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, which will be held at Qualcomm Hall’s big screen auditorium in San Diego on Friday and Saturday evenings, September 17 and 18th, 2010. Utilizing a state of the art digital projection system, it promises to be an exciting showcase of digital videos, most of …Read More »

  • White Shark Warning Issued for Santa Barbara Island

    Officials at the Channel Islands National Park have issued the following warning: “Great white sharks have been observed in this area attacking California sea lions. There have been no shark attacks on humans. There have been three attacks on California sea lions by great white sharks in the past few months including one at the Santa Barbara Island Landing Cove …Read More »

  • Online Learning of Underwater Photography and Image Editing Now Available

    Now it’s fast and easy to learn underwater photography and image editing 24/7 at your own pace and in the convenience of your own home. The new website created by photo pros Jack and Sue Drafahl is a unique subscription service offering easy and convenient online underwater photography instruction, as well as tutorials in the use of Adobe Photoshop, …Read More »

  • Wardens Step Up Efforts to Stop Abalone Poachers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties

    California game wardens are waging an abalone anti-poaching effort with the aid of prosecutors from Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Poaching, in combination with a significant increase of lawful abalone harvest in both counties, is placing more pressure on the resource than ever.  “Despite our cooperative efforts, the abalone resource is struggling,” said Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Law Enforcement …Read More »

  • Gear You May or May Not Need

    Gear You May or May Not Need

    Most active California divers also travel to exotic destinations one a twice or year to dip their fins into warm tropical waters.  Gearing up for tropical coral reef adventures can however be different than California diving, and we are talking about more than just a thick wetsuit or dry suit. Standard equipment for California divers is not always so standard …Read More »

  • Norcal Underwater Hunters Big Ab Competition ? August 21

    This special event will begin at Ocean Cove, Sonoma County on the California’s North Coast. It is open to free divers only and current California Department of Fishing Game laws apply. Entry fees are $30 if preregistered and $40 day of event. To receive a free shirt you must preregister.  All divers are required to fill out and turn in …Read More »

  • BLUE Ocean Film Festival ? August 24-29

    BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit will bring together filmmakers, photographers, scientists, divers and ocean enthusiasts in Monterey, California August 24-29 for a multi-media global ocean event that will honor 70+ of the world’s best ocean films while empowering professionals with the latest developments in underwater film and photography technologies, The mission of BLUE is focused on leveraging the …Read More »

  • 3Rs Beach Diving Workshops ? August 7, 14, 21 and more

    Rocks, Reefs and Rips program (3Rs) is a mini-course to familiarize divers with popular beach dive sites and improve beach diving skills. Summer sessions in the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area will take place: Aug. 14 at Point Dume, Sept. 11 at White Pt., and October 9 at Nicholas Canyon. For the San Diego area, sessions will take place: Aug. …Read More »

  • Dive Gear Identification Tags Dive Gear Identification Tags is now offering a practical and enduring way to identify your dive gear. Your name or any other notation you’d like up to 19 characters, are woven into strong nylon strapping. Woven directly into the strap material, your wording will not fade, chip, rinse away or peel off. Currently, there are dive gear bag tags, zipper pulls, and gear …Read More »

  • Light & Motion Sola 600 Underwater Light

    Light & Motion Sola 600 Underwater Light

    Light & Motion is pleased to announce the shipping release of the all-new Sola 600 compact imaging light. The Sola 600 stakes out a new category of lighting with its versatility. From compact cameras to DSLRs to video housings, the Sola 600 is the perfect companion for all of these underwater imaging platforms. The Sola packs a blistering 679 lumens …Read More »

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