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  • Sheephead: The Bold Rogue of the Kelp Forest

    Sheephead: The Bold Rogue of the Kelp Forest

    When I first came upon a male California sheephead, I thought I had wandered into the neighborhood of the local bully. The adult sheephead (Semicossyphus pulcher) are bigger than many fish of the Central and Southern California rocky reefs and kelp forests. With a big, blunt, black head, red mid-section, and black tail he looks at you with alert eyes, …Read More »

  • Seen Any Basking Sharks? Contact NOAA

    Seen Any Basking Sharks? Contact NOAA

    Basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) are one of the largest fish in the sea, second only to whale sharks. They can reach a maximum size of 45 feet, and are distinguished from whale sharks by their pointy snouts, dark grey to brown color, and gill slits that nearly encircle their head. Like whale sharks, as well as all the largest rays …Read More »

  • Lower Your Camera and Enjoy the Moment

    The reasons for diving seem to be many, but I think it can be narrowed down to four categories or combinations thereof: Seafood hunting, adventure (challenge), nature enjoyment and photography. Whatever your reason for diving, I want to encourage you to consider a serious thought: Enjoy the moment. Hunters and adventurers can be poor at this, but by far the …Read More »

  • Atomic Cobalt Computer Review

    Atomic Cobalt Computer Review

    Let me get this out of my system right away. I was first attracted to the Atomic Cobalt dive computer simply because it looked really cool. The bright colorful lights and numbers mesmerized me. Wow! When I first dived with it on a boat recently, other divers onboard were equally enthralled with the display. I am not much one for …Read More »

  • Get a Princeton Tec light for checking-in at the SCUBA Show

    Get a Princeton Tec light for checking-in at the SCUBA Show

    Do you check in using Facebook or Foursquare? Then make sure to check in at the upcoming SCUBA Show to get your free Princeton Tec light. As a reward to those who love their social networking, California Diving News and Princeton Tec are giving away a Princeton Tec Impulse to the first 25 people who check-in using either service and …Read More »

  • Black Skirt Mask vs. Clear Skirt Mask

    I have been diving with a clear silicone mask skirt since the mid-80s when my old black neoprene skirt mask finally gave up the ghost. The neoprene had deteriorated to the point of leaving a black ring on my face. Like most of the diving world, I found the silicone skirt comfortable, well sealing and long-lasting. I never looked back. …Read More »

  • Capturing the Kelp Forest Sunburst

    Capturing the Kelp Forest Sunburst

    Though divers often dream of coral reefs, colorful fish, and warm tropical waters, California’s temperate and nutrient rich seas offer a different treat. Some of California’s most stunning diving takes place amid our signature kelp forests. Here, underwater photographers have a unique opportunity to capture beautiful “sunburst” images. Nothing can match the majesty of light cascading through a healthy kelp …Read More »

  • The Tank Dolly by Shark Bite Scuba

    The Tank Dolly by Shark Bite Scuba

    Designed by Shark Bite Scuba, The Tank Dolly is a tank and gear transport cart that will hold two tanks of any size or fully assembled doubles and enough weight for at least two divers.  The Tank Dolly allows divers to pull, not carry, their tanks, weights and gear quickly and safely to and from the dive site. Carrying heavy …Read More »

  • California Marine Flatworms

    California Marine Flatworms

    A rather stunning creature grabbed my attention. It was off-white with ostentatious black, purple, and red lines that zigzagged down its back. It looked like and moved like a nudibranch, but lacked the gills and rhinophores of a nudibranch. What could it be? Turns out my mystery critter was a flatworm. Flatworms belong to the Phylum Platyhelminthes, a group that …Read More »

  • Adds Features To Its Webpage

    Since their release of the diver-focused social network “Me” pages, has connected hundreds of divers from around the world who share the same passion about scuba. From sharing photos, looking for buddies, to “searching for love,” divers enjoy interacting with other divers every day through this free diver webpage community. has now added new features aimed at offering …Read More »

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