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  • The Value of a Dive Mentor

    Kim, my wife and usual dive buddy, has been laid up lately from a severe back injury. Upsetting as it is I have since found it to lead to some new opportunities. With Kim being out of the picture I decided to turn lemons into lemonade. I was going to find some new dive buddies.  I remembered that some guys …Read More »

  • SCUBA Show 2012 is Requesting Film Festival Submissions

    SCUBA Show 2012 is Requesting Film Festival Submissions

    Assemble your best underwater video film footage now for the SCUBA Show 2012 underwater film festival. The 25th annual SCUBA Show is the largest dive expo of its type in the U.S., and this year it takes place the weekend of May 5-6 at the Long Beach Convention Center. One of the most popular portions of the annual Southern California …Read More »

  • Ocean Quest Titanium Wetsuit

    Ocean Quest Titanium Wetsuit

    The Ocean Quest Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Jumpsuit wetsuit is designed for all types of diving, snorkeling and other water sports. It is designed to offer the best possible fit using premium, four-way-stretch, Titanium neoprene, double glued and blind stitched inside and out for superior warmth and comfort. The Titanium material within the neoprene reflects the heat trapped in the suit …Read More »

  • Hollis Gear Introduces Explorer Sport Rebreather

    Hollis Gear Introduces Explorer Sport Rebreather

    The new Explorer sport rebreather is based on a patented design by Kevin Gurr from VR Technology. The unit is neither a fully closed circuit rebreather nor a pure semi-closed system, but an intelligent hybrid that utilizes the best of both worlds. It’s compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use. The Explorer is unique in using a single gas; Nitrox, …Read More »

  • Psi Acupressure Motion Sickness Relief Bands

    Psi Acupressure Motion Sickness Relief Bands

    The new Psi Bands are stylish but simple drug-free acupressure wristbands for the relief of nausea due to seasickness and other motion sicknesses. Psi Bands come in five different fun designs (two of them unisex), and are uniquely adjustable at two areas, around the wrist like a watch and at the acupressure point for personalized comfort. The FDA-cleared bands are …Read More »

  • Ultralight Control Systems GoPro Video Camera Accessories

    Ultralight Control Systems GoPro Video Camera Accessories

    Ultralight Control Systems latest products are for the wildly popular GoPro cameras. Ultralight manufacturers a single tray and a double tray for the regular camera, in addition to a double tray for the 3D housing. The handles on the trays allow you to then add a clamp and a video light. Ultralight also manufactures cages for the housings. These cages …Read More »

  • Bat Rays

    Bat Rays

    One fine summer day years ago, a friend and I took a small boat to a shallow cove off Anacapa, hoping to photograph the large number of bat rays that had gathered there. To avoid spooking the rays, my friend advised me to “slither” into the water as silently as possible. He slipped in first and I followed.  Perhaps our …Read More »

  • Nudis and Branchers

    Nudis and Branchers

    Ever see pictures of a critter that seems to have evolved from that box where all the holiday decorations are stored? Chances are you’re looking at a nudibranch.  Nudibranchs (sometimes affectionately called “nudis”) are members of the opisthobranchs, also known as sea slugs. The name nudibranch literally means “naked gill.” Their body shape ranges from oval to long and tapered. …Read More »

  • An Old Divemaster’s Guide to Preventing Seasickness

    There’s an old sailor’s proverb that states, “The only cure for seasickness is to sit on the shady side of an old brick church in the country.” While this whimsical advice is entertaining, it does not get at the heart of how serious seasickness may be, and how to prevent it. As to the seriousness, I offer the following true …Read More »

  • Tell the Preservation Success Stories

    Tell the Preservation Success Stories

    While I think we should always be presented with the bad news so that we can act to reverse the negative, we must also accentuate the success stories, places where we have done right by nature.  In my nearly 40 years of diving I have seen the California seas do some pretty wild oscillations within marine life populations, unfortunately, many …Read More »

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