Dive Computers

A diving computer may be used together with a diver’s other gauges (depth, submersible pressure gauge, underwater timer, compass), or it may replace the other gauges entirely. Dive computers have different capabilities, but generally display a diver’s depth, how long a diver has been underwater, how much longer a diver can safely remain underwater according to decompression limits, required surface intervals between dives, and the “no-fly” time. Computer logs are downloadable to show your dive profiles and history. Air-integrated dive computers show the amount of air remaining in the tank. Dive computers may come in console configuration or worn on a wrist.

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Scubapro Mantis 1.0

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Shearwater Perdix dive computers

Shearwater Perdix

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Scubapro Mantis 2 dive computer

Scubapro Mantis 2

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Oceanic VTX dive computer

Oceanic VTX

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Mares Smart dive computer

Mares Smart

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