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Diving Waikiki

As a long time resident of Southern California, I can appreciate tourist destinations. Warm or temperate climates, plenty of glitzy attractions, palm trees—all attract snow birds or just those seeking a change of pace that is more comfortable and relaxed. America’s top three tourist destinations are California, Florida and Hawaii. Center of the Hawaii tourism trade is Waikiki on the island of Oahu. Airfare is cheap, accommodation prices reasonable, choices varied and there are many attractions. While scuba diving is considered an attraction here, it […]

Underwater Arch

Arch Rock on the east end of the East Island of Anacapa is the symbol of the Channel Islands National Park. Its sweeping grandeur is one of the most beautiful ocean scenes in the world. Gulls and pelicans are in constant motion around the rock edifice as the blue sea swirls below kelp lapping at the surface. As beautiful as this is there is a vista nearby that rivals the beauty of Arch Rock, only this location is underwater and, consequently, seen by far fewer […]

Salt Creek, Dana Point

I’ve been to Salt Creek numerous times over the last 15 years. My reaction has always been the same. BORING! Bad visibility, low reef structure and no kelp. But that perception was about to change. In the beginning of this past lobster season, I passed it by a few times. I was amazed at the kelp. Small patches, but for not seeing measurable kelp off the coast for many years, if not for a decade or two, this was a welcome surprise. At the end […]

The Gap

Seven of the eight Channel Islands get their names from saints, generally because they were first discovered by Spanish explorers on that particular saint’s feast day. The one exception is Anacapa Island. Anacapa Island gains its name from a perversion of the Chumash Indian name for mirage. Anacapa is the closest to the mainland of all the Channel Islands and the first in the chain of the Northern Channel Islands. Viewed from the mainland, often shrouded in fog, mist and haze, it must have often […]

Cayman Island: The Tunnels of Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto

Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto are a “must-do” dives for any scuba visitor to Cayman Island— and Cayman Island is a “must-do” for any diver. If you are a certified diver you have almost certainly heard of Cayman Island south of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. It is a Mecca for divers worldwide because of its excellent and readily available dive services and fantastically clear warm waters over incredible coral reefs, many of which drop vertically to the deep dark blue. Then there is Sting […]

Catalina’s Best Beginner Dives

The majority of divers certified in Southern California get their first taste of the ocean’s underwater world at Catalina Island. Catalina is one of the most heavily dived islands in the world, with good reason. There are over 100 excellent dive sites all around the island, many of them world class. Walls, kelp forests, big animals, macro dives — all make up the collage available to the diver. All skill levels will be pleased here, from novice to the expert. But more than anything else, […]

Catalina’s Best Advanced Dive Sites

Divers often gain their first certification dives at Catalina leading many to think that this place is for beginners only. But there are also advanced sites that will please even seasoned divers. An “advanced” diver is not always one with that stamp on their certification card. For definition here we will qualify “advanced” as a diver with a minimum of 50 dives (preferably 100) in a variety of situations including strong current, deep (100+ feet) and with proper equipment and knowledge to use it. FARNSWORTH […]

Cozumel 23 Years Later and Better Than Ever

My first dive trip to Cozumel Island in 1980 was very enjoyable. Clear water, tropical fish, coral walls and reefs—it is was all there and exceeded my expectations in fun and beauty. I went again in ’81 but, unfortunately, over two decades lapsed before I could get back again. While Cozumel was a diving destination back in 1980, tourist hotels, cruise ships and non-diving tourists were few and infrequent. After 23 years I returned to Cozumel with full knowledge that the tourist trade had exploded. […]

Lingcod Reef

Lingcod Reef is an extended reef system that begins at Sunset Point and stretches southeast to Pescadero Point. This is a picturesque part of Monterey County where the dive sites are framed by wave-carved granite cliffs and cypress-covered hills. Famous landmarks along Pebble Beach’s famous 17-mile Drive, such as the Lone Cypress and the Castle House, mark boat anchorages. Overall, the topography of Lingcod Reef is a gently sloping rock and sand bottom that begins in about 20 feet and gradually drops to 60 feet. […]

San Harbor, Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor is a small beach along the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. Though located on the Nevada side. Sand Harbor is the place many Californians get their first experience diving Tahoe’s clear, fresh waters. A spacious parking lot is adjacent to the shore. It’s roomy enough to change in and out of your gear, and there is a bathroom with hot showers nearby. Once suited up, my dive partner, Kevin, and I take a short walk, leading down a dirt pathway to the small […]

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